Social Justice Warriors form organization to argue online on behalf of minorities


Have you ever been so bored that you launched a volunteer organization with the sole purpose of debating “trolls” on behalf of “People of color”? Layla Tromble and Terri Kompton, the two women you see in the picture on top of this article, started an organization called “White Nonsense Roundup”, which they say exists to argue with other white people, so that people of color don’t have to.

If you’re a person of color having an argument on the Internet with a white person, just tag the “White Nonsense Roundup” page and they will send over a representative to argue on your behalf:

If you are a Person of Color (POC), you have enough on your plate! It’s not your job to educate white people about privilege, racism, and what’s really going on in the world. If a white person is filling your social media with white nonsense – anything from overt racism to well-intentioned problematic statements – tag us and a white person will come roundup our own

I feel inclined to state explicitly that this organization is not satire and these people are 100% serious. A pinned post on top of the group’s Facebook page has gone viral on Facebook, and thanks to an article from The Huffington Post praising the group’s efforts, the page now has close to 100,000 Facebook followers.

The owners of the group told the Huffington Post that “It’s the responsibility of us white folks to do the emotional labor that’s required to educate other white folks ― and it shouldn’t be required of people of color again and again,”. In short, people of color shouldn’t have to defend their arguments online like everyone else.

Instead, white people should just accept everything minorities say as fact; whether it is an argument about race, politics, science or baseball. In the event that a white person doesn’t agree with a person of color, then other white people should step in to convince him to.

Take the exchange below for example; a white person (Daniel) is debating a black person (Lisa) about whether all white people are born racist or not. The black person doesn’t have a valid argument, so she tags White Nonsense Roundup to argue on his behalf:

The group claims to have nearly 60 volunteer workers across the United states and a few in Canada, who ran four-hour shifts to monitor social media for tags of their page so they can respond in a timely manner. They even have a vetting process and receive debate training:

The volunteers, who are vetted by Tromble and other staff who have personal experience in activism or anti-racism work, go through an application process and have their personal social media accounts scanned. They’re also given a code of conduct to follow on engaging in conversations with respect, not insults, with the goal of educating people with facts and not shutting them down.

Whenever you see the phrase “First world problems” online, this is what they are referring to. These people’s lives are so devoid of troubles that they can find the time to argue other people’s points for them on the Internet. It seems like the Social Justice movement is getting more and more retarded every day that goes by. As for me, I’m not sure how many more of these articles I can write before I decide to kill myself and end it all.