Social Justice reaches new heights of stupid as doctor is fired for sending a friend request


sexA Pakistan doctor has reportedly been let go by the hospital he works for, the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) Karachi, Pakistan, after the sister of one of his patients launched a social media campaign against him for sending a Facebook friend request to the patient.

That’s it. A Facebook friend request. He didn’t message or harass her, he only sent a friend request. Because of that one friend request, he’s now out of a job. Go to your Facebook profile and count the number of friend requests you have. According to these social Justice activists, that is how many people are currently harassing you and you should try to get them fired if you can.

The sister in question is Oscar-winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s, who felt like a friend request was reason enough to ruin her sister’s doctor’s life. Sharmeen took to Twitter to decry what she described as “harassment”, promising to report the doctor for messing with “the wrong women in the wrong family”:

The doctor, who has 4 children, has since been fired from the hospital. One of the doctor’s co-workers confirmed that he had been fired, and said the doctor, described as a “kind and hardworking individual”, was distraught by the hospital’s decision and raised fears that he might attempt to take his life.

Here’s the full message the doctor’s co-worker sent to a journalist:

Dear Ali,
I read your post about sharmeen’s sister being harassed by her treating doctor.
I happen to work with the same doctor in AKU. He is a kind, hardworking individual.
I do not disagree that what he did is[n’t] right but I do not think that how he has been blamed is right at all. It’s as if the individuals with power can do anything they want. He fell victim of sharmeen[‘s] endless attack to stop so called fem[i]nine harassment to a height
where he got fired from his job. I met him the day the office broke this news to him and he was sad enough to make me worried that he might end up hurting himself. Ridiculed in the hospital and now left unemployed with 4 kids to look after as a result of sending a friend request which could have been easily rejected and swept under the carpet is not Justice.
I just want you to understand that everyone is human. These celebs aren’t the only ones who have right and authority to do what they think is right. This should have been resolved in some other manner.

Did the doctor act unprofessionally by sending his patient a friend request? Absolutely. Should he have been fired? Absolutely fucking not. This is just another example of “Social Justice” being taken to its extreme and innocent people suffering because of it. Goes to show that these SJW parasites don’t only exist in the west. You would think women in Pakistan would have bigger things to worry about than receiving friend requests.

Meanwhile, the hospital is getting trolled to hell with negative reviews and low ratings on their Facebook page: