Snowflakes Triggered en masse by “Problematic” hilarious Shitlord App


A hilarious new mobile app is causing levels of Butthurt we haven’t witnessed in a very long time by sending special snowflakes in a frenzy of rage. The aptly named “MAKEAPP” app designed by Russian developer Ashot Gabrelyanov, showcases women’s natural features by removing all the makeup, edits and filters from their pictures.

Of course, this is just a basic mobile application so it may not be 100% accurate or very complexly designed. But that doesn’t prevent it from producing some hilarious results,…… or people from getting offended by them:

As can be expected, the media is losing their minds over the app:

Oh, and butthurt women (and men) have been flooding the app’s download page with negative reviews and 1-star reviews:

Naturally, all the butthurt just makes people want to use the app more:

Someone decided to run Chelsea Clinton’s face through the App several times:

Perhaps the media is just mad that Taylor swift and the female Trumps are some of the few who still look good when submitted to the App:

The explanation? Just blame Russia of course:

And then some genius at Slate decided to fight back by running the guy who created the App’s face through it:

It had no effect on his face because he doesn’t wear make-up.

Looks like she played herself.