Snowflakes add more colors to rainbow flag to feel extra special


Apparently, simply being gay isn’t oppressed enough anymore. People need to keep dividing themselves into smaller and smaller units of victims in order to out-victimize the other victims. Some members of the  Black Lives Matter movement who fancy themselves revolutionary artists, have decided to redesign the rainbow flag with the colors brown and black added at the top. The addition of the new colors, they argue, represents LBGT “people of color” who are often overlooked in the LGBT community.

According to CNN (Because who else is going to report on this nonsense?), the upgraded rainbow flag is the brainchild of Amber Hikes, a “Black Queer woman”, who is the executive director of Tierney, a local ad agency that worked with Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs. She said she shed a tear when the flag went up at city hall and that white people who oppose the new flag simply do not know what racism looks like. If this isn’t proof that these people have run out of things to fight for, I don’t know what is:

….Hikes, a black queer woman, is excited about a new gay-rights symbol: a pride flag with additional black and brown stripes above the rest of the rainbow. The stripes represent LGBT individuals of color, a group that can often be overlooked within the overall LGBT umbrella.
The flag was unveiled at a recent Pride Month kick-off event in Philadelphia as part of a new campaign, More Color More Pride, which aims to recognize nonwhite LGBT communities as part of the broader pride movement, starting with the most visible and widely-recognized symbol of the LGBT community.
The campaign was developed by Tierney, a local ad agency that worked with Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs, where Hikes is the executive director.
Hikes said she shed a tear when the flag was raised last week for the first time. Others at the event had similar reactions. To the best of Hikes’ knowledge, Philadelphia is the first city to publicly and symbolically recognize racial discrimination within the LGBT community. “To see this at City Hall is such a profound statement,” Hikes told CNN.

They even have a video and everything:

Can’t wait till blind, crippled, deaf, dwarf, ugly, fat and autistic gay people all get their own personal colors on the flag.


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