Smugglypuff has been arrested


A few weeks ago, we published a video that featured Lauren southern at a free speech protest at the university of Toronto. The protest soon erupted into confrontations between pro-free speech protesters and Social Justice Warriors.

In the video, one transgender woman, Casandra Williams, got violent and attacked Lauren and then quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Upon the arrival of the police to investigate the issue, one smug little cunt came forward to inform them that nothing happened and that she didn’t see anything.


She would come to be known online as “smugglypuff”.

Smugglypuff’s antics didn’t end there. After lying to the police about what had transpired at the protest, she also decided to steal Lauren southern’s phone, run away with it, and then later assault another student.

The Social Justice Warriors at the University of Toronto also decided to publish an article on Vice, branding the student who was assaulted by Smugglypuf and her partner as “Neo Nazis”.

One of the students identified in the slanderous article decided to confront the school administration following advice from his lawyer, and that’s where the good news came.


Smugglypuff has been charged with assault and it is possible that charges of theft under $5000.00 and mischief charges could be following soon. There’s also the fact that she obstructed a police investigation.


The university is refusing to release any more information on the issue and the students behind the lawsuit have chosen to do the same, following legal advice from their lawyer.

We’ll be updating this story as more information is uncovered.