SJWs and feminists are making REAL white-supremacists politically relevant


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This may have escaped a lot of people on the left, but every time you attempt to vilify a prominent figure by stating that either one person or a group of people, who are known to be racist, are either endorsing or appear to be in support of said figure, you are making them politically relevant in society. And this is a serious problem.

A glaring example of this is when the independent showcased an article right after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, stating that “Former KKK head David Duke celebrated Donald Trump’s inauguration”.

Now, aside from the obvious attempt to use racism as a rhetoric to get clicks, which some might even say trivializes genuine racism itself, this has an effect I’m sure has been overlooked in the name of cash-grabbing. When you use guilt by association, by the way of jumping through hoops, to link someone to an “evil” group of people with the intention of smearing their name, you are granting that group political power. You have made the opinions of a racist, valid, and you had better believe they are aware of it.

Now, the guilt by association method is completely useless, and your everyday reader can see straight through it just by looking at the general response to said article. So it is extremely counterproductive, and in many ways only legitimizes a major concern among trump supporters; that the mainstream media will do anything to discredit or smear someone, if it is in their best political interest to do so.

The reason I say the left has handed political power to legitimate white-supremacists, is that by constantly using said group in a guilt by association tactic, they are handing them political relevance, which is the very thing they claim to oppose. The reality is that anyone can endorse or support anyone, for any reason they damn please. Abandoning reason to link someone with one of these groups based on a positive reaction the group has had to the person in question, is completely barbaric.