SJW wants to decriminalize infecting people with AIDS (deliberately)


We’ve reached a point where I no longer cringe or feel surprised whenever I read one of these stories anymore. Erika D. Smith, a writer for the Sacramento Bee, wants to do away with laws that punish people for deliberately infecting their sexual partners with the HIV virus. She argues that these laws are incompassionate, uncaring and intolerant:

Over time, that vague fear of AIDS that I once had has been replaced with an understanding that HIV is a chronic illness that can be easily managed with medication. It’s no longer a death sentence. What’s more, it’s highly unlikely that someone with an undetectable level of HIV in his or her blood, which is pretty common these days for undergoing treatment, will transmit the virus to anyone else.
Heck, hepatitis C kills three times as many people as HIV does.
But in California and more than 30 other states, dozens of laws remain on the books to punish people who willfully expose others to the virus. To this day, people still get charged with felonies over HIV and go to prison for five, 10 or even 20 years. In some states, those convicted must register as a sex offender for life.
These laws aren’t “compassionate,” “caring” or “tolerant” toward people with HIV or AIDS. They’re fear-based holdovers from thedays of the “gay plague,” which in many ways, the Reagan administration callously let happen by ignoring the disease and its victims for far too long

She supports a bill being pushed by Sen. Scott Wiener of California, which seeks to decriminalize deliberately infecting partners with HIV. The key word here is “deliberately”. It is currently illegal in California and almost every other State to consciously infect others with AIDS. This SJW and the bill she supports wants to do away with that:

….It’s telling that it’s a gay man from San Francisco, Sen. Scott Wiener, who is pushing the bill that would greatly reduce the penalties for transmitting HIV.
Where California now has four felony offenses on the books for people who deliberately pass along the virus, Senate Bill 239would repeal two of them and reduce two others to a misdemeanor, just like the intentional transmission of every other infectious or communicable disease.
The bill advanced out of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday and Wiener hopes to get it to the Senate floor by May or June.

One of the reasons she thinks people should be free to infect others with harmful viruses is because RACISM. Of fucking course. Because what kind of Social Justice Warrior would she be if she didn’t make everything about race? She argues that these laws are bad because they usually affect blacks more than whites:

Another reason is that research shows that the laws are applied unfairly. White men, for example, make up 40 percent of the people diagnosed with HIV in California, but only 16 percent of the individuals who’ve had contact with law enforcement over it, according to the Williams Institute at UCLA.
Meanwhile, black women make up only 4 percent of the Californians diagnosed with HIV, but account for 21 percent of people who have gotten in trouble for it. A good number of them are sex workers, turning a potential misdemeanor prostitution charge into a felony.
Only about 1,260 people were accused of an HIV-related crime in California between 1988 and 2014. Of those who were convicted, 85 percent were sent to prison
….The remnants of those laws are being used to marginalize a whole new group of people with HIV, many of them opioid addicts in red states spreading the virus through dirty needles. It’s time to be “compassionate,” “caring” or “tolerant.” It’s time to end the cycle.


Infect me with HIV and I assure you, going to jail is going to be the least of your worries.


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