Shitty movie franchise now with Feminist rhetoric


Of all the things I thought I’d ever criticize a transformers movie for, I never imagined that promoting “SJW” propaganda would ever be one of them. Let’s face it, the transformers movies are absolute shit. Bad plot lines and scripts, bad character development, and lots and lots of Michael Bay explosions. The only way to enjoy the movies is to turn off your brain and watch it for the CGI and action. Transformers movies seem less bad when you don’t take them seriously.

Evidently, these movies aren’t going away any time soon, because they keep doing so well in the box office, thanks to prepubescent teenagers and China. For the 5th installment of the franchise however, Michael bay decided to pander to a new demographic of people; Feminists. The second trailer for Transformers 5: The Last Knight was uploaded online a few weeks ago and after watching it, all I can say is “God dammit Michael Bay”.

All the main characters save for Mark Wahlberg have been replaced by nickelodeon actors, among them, one whiny teenage girl who I assume is the new main character. Now there is nothing wrong with having “strong female characters”, but if said character takes it upon herself to remind you every 5 seconds that she is, indeed, a female, then we might have a problem.

She also seems to think she’s Deadpool, because she’s speaking directly into the camera for some reason.

I was just a normal kid before my world fell apart.
…I went to normal school and lived a normal life.
Some kids used to tease me…. They’d say “You run like a girl”
“You throw like a girl”
“You fight like a girl”
“Fight like a girl? yea, I fight like a girl.
Don’t you?”

The entire thing reads like a Feminist commercial.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I miss Shia Labeouf.

The trailer: