Shia Lebeouf gives 4chan their toughest assignment yet

Are they up to the task


The world’s longest “capture the flag” competition is back, and this time, Shia Labeouf is in it to win for good.

For anyone who is new to this weaponized autist TV series or has simply forgotten some important plot lines, here is a quick recap:

  • To protest Donald Trump’s election, Shia Labeouf started an art project named “He will not divide us”, where he and his compatriots stood in front of a camera shouting “He will not divide us”, which was supposed to last for the entire duration of Trump’s presidency.
  • 4chan quickly caught wind of the project and decided to have fun with it. Constant troll activities caused the art project to be rejected by the museum that was hosting it and Shia himself to be arrested after getting into a fight with one of the trolls.
  • Shia decided that a live stream of people shouting for 4 years on end wasn’t such a good idea after all, and decided to replace the video feed with a feed of a flag with the words “He will not divide us” inscribed on it. The flag was kept in an unknown location for its protection.
  • 4chan users not to be bested by Shia monitored flight patterns and star constellations until they eventually found the secret hiding place of the flag and captured it.
  • The art project was then moved to Liverpool in the United Kingdom where once again, 4chan trolls found it and caused it to be taken down.

Now, Shia Labeouf in his infinite wisdom has decided to seek refuge in France. The Lieu Unique, the national center for contemporary arts and music venue in Nantes, France, announced yesterday that it has adopted the project and the flag is now hanging on top of their building. Describing it as “one of the most noted political artworks of recent years”, The Lieu Unique said it was glad to offer refuge to the artwork, the survival of which was threatened by “Right wing extremists” and “trolls”.

“Trolls would have to pull some Assassins Creed shit shit to steal this”, the “He will not divide us” page taunted on Facebook:

So is 4chan giving up?….. Hell to the NO. Multiple threads have already appeared on several 4chan boards to discuss ideas on how to take the flag down. Although this task will be comparably tougher than the previous ones because the location is expected to be well guarded, 4chan is convinced that this new flag will fall like all the others before it. So far, all the idea suggested include the use of lasers, drones, laser drones, paintball strikes, or just free climbing.

“Use a drone to spray it with bleach and make it a true French flag” one user suggested.

Other users have other ideas:

One users even designed a camera location arc to try and find the location of the camera filming the flag:

Will the weaponized autists foil Shia’s art project one more time or will the Beoufman prevail? Only time will tell.