Shia Labeouf’s site was hacked with anti-semitic messages


I fucking called it.

Some time yesterday, Shia Labeouf’s pet art project “He will not divide us” was hijacked by unknown hackers who took over the website and posted anti-semitic messages on the hacked website’s home page.

The words “14/88 #JEWSWILLNOTDIVIDE.US coming in 2018 by Shia Labeouf” was reportedly seen on the site’s front page:

On Monday morning, Twitter users noted that the website for actor Shia LaBeouf’s performance art protest had seemingly been compromised.
He Will Not Divide Us, which debuted on Inauguration Day, originally invited the public to declare “He will not divide us” for a camera posted outside of New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. According to its website, the installation has changed locations and been adopted by the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool.
A black screen with white text that read “14/88 #JEWSWILLNOTDIVIDE.US coming in 2018 by Shia Labeouf” served as the home page for the hacked website

Here’s a screenshot of how the website looked at the time:

The meaning of the words written on the site:

As The New York Times and the Southern Poverty Law Center have stated, the number 14 refers to a 14-word slogan white supremacists use: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The sites also report that 88 is code for “Heil, Hitler” as “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

If you have been following AgeOfShitlords for some time now, then you’re aware that Shia Labeouf and Internet trolls have been fighting over the fate of his project for some time now. The project was first hosted at a museum here in the United States until trolls begun showing up at its location and creating havoc, causing the livestream to be moved to an unknown location. There too, trolls used flight patterns and star constellations to track donw the livestream, take it down, and capture the flag. The project was then moved to Liverpool in the Uk, where trolls found it and took it down AGAIN. And now, the project’s website was hacked.

I can’t wait for part 6 of this movie franchise.


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