Shaun King got roasted on his first The Young Turks appearance

Talcum X did not receive the welcoming he was expecting.


A fake black man joins a group of Armenian Genocide deniers who named themselves after the very group who committed the Armenian Genocide…..what could go wrong?

Shaun King (A.K.A Talcum X), announced about a month ago that he would be joining The Young Turks for regular commentary. The move comes about a month after the Young Turks launched a campaign to raise $2 million to hire more investigative journalists.

Yesterday, The Young Turks uploaded a video to their YouTube channel as a welcome debut video to Shaun King. In the video, Talcum X talked about standing up to “establishment, the power structure” and holding leaders accountable. He concluded the video by saying he was glad to be a part of the team and was looking forward to covering news stories for The Young Turks.

Now, its safe to say Talcum has quite a lot of critics (myself included), however, I don’t think he, or The Young Turks team, expected to received the number of negative responses that they received.


The 3 minutes video, which already has 3x as many dislikes as likes, has over 400 comments so far, and less than 5% of them are positive.

“MR. King! MR. King! Can you confirm or deny the rumors that your melanin was hacked by the Russian?” wrote one commentator.

Another person said he needed glasses to watch the video.


One commentator criticized the Young Turks as “the land of make believe“, while another one said he was just here for the shit show


All in all, there were no positive comments. If there were, they were hidden at the bottom of the page with too many dislikes to be seen.

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