Say Goodbye to CRACKED – another Social Justice website bites the dust


    Cracked has given the pink slip to most of its main contributors and senior editorial staff after a tumultuous run following its embrace of social justice politics.

    If you grew up on the Internet, then there’s a pretty good chance you stumbled upon a Cracked listicle or two detailing something like the “insane fan theories about movies that make great movies better,” or “creepy urban legends that turned out to be true.”

    It made for immersive reading and you came off feeling richer for the experience.

    But as with all good things, the Cracked as everyone knew it came to an end when its editors found the warm embrace of progressive politics. The site’s full conversion into a platform for social justice happened at the height of GamerGate in 2014. It has since published at least a dozen articles on the topic, mostly to demonize gamers as “social outcasts” and push feminism as a solution to the problem of “toxic masculinity.”

    GamerGate, a consumer-driven movement for ethics in games journalism, became a bogeyman for progressives, largely in part due to articles like those on Cracked.

    In 2016, popular gaming YouTuber commentator Rags took Cracked apart after senior writer Josh Sargent condemned video games for depictions of violence.

    The site’s progressive push wasn’t simply limited to its coverage of the video game industry. Much of the site’s content revolves around feminism, and even slips into its videos, which are more tedious and even less funny to watch than a John Oliver lecture.

    On Tuesday, long-time editors and contributors to Cracked were informed that they no longer had a job.


    The site’s executive editor Jason Pargin, better known under his Chinese alias “David Wong,” who claimed on Twitter that the site is “still alive.”
    Cracked is still alive and I still work there and my plan is to keep publishing good things until the sun swallows the earth. But yeah there are some amazing people out there looking for work.

    It goes without saying that given the loss of Cracked’s main contributors, it remains to be seen for how long the site will continue to exist.

    Story by Milo’s Dangerous.