Saudi Arabia will now allow women to drive to their own floggings and beheadings


Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries where public floggings and beheadings are still a legitimate form of punishment for women who have committed heinous crimes such as interacting freely with men they aren’t married to, trying on clothes while shopping, reading uncensored fashion magazines, dressing up in slutty clothing and getting raped.

While racist assholes will use this fact to brand Saudi Arabia as “sexist” in order to justify their racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia, the Muslim country is proving them wrong by ensuring that these women now have the right to drive to their own floggings and beheadings all by themselves, as opposed to previously, when their husbands or male guardians would have had to drive them there.

This unprecedented move by the Saudis shows how committed the country is towards promoting women’s rights and equality; making it one of the most progressive countries on the planet. It finally makes sense as to why the United nations elected Saudi Arabia to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women.

While patriarchal western countries like The United States, Britain and and rest of Europe continue to oppress women, Saudi Arabia is showing the world that it is possible to respect women in a world dominated by sexism and toxic masculinity. The whole world can learn a thing or two from Saudi Arabia’s progressive treatment of women.

Make no mistake, there are still legitimate and totally reasonable reasons for not allowing women to drive, such as:

  1. Driving a car involves uncovering the face.
  2. Driving a car may lead women to go out of the house more often.
  3. Driving a car may lead women to have interaction with other males, for example at traffic accidents.
  4. Women driving cars may lead to overcrowding the streets and many young men may be deprived of the opportunity to drive.
  5. Driving would be the first step in an erosion of traditional values, such as gender segregation.
  6. Women have 1/4th the brainpower of men and can therefore not drive as well as men.

(This part of the article is not satire; these are the actual reasons Saudi Arabian scholars gave for not allowing women to drive).

However, Saudi Arabia is willing to throw away all these logical and scientifically sound arguments in order to achieve gender equality, and that’s just really progressive. Share this article if you too, like us, think the rest of the world should strive to be more like Saudi Arabia.