Sarah Silverman mistakes construction sign for swastika, gets roasted by Twitter


Upper class pampered white woman leaves her mansion for 5 minutes to grab a cup of coffee, starts seeing swastikas everywhere. What happens next will shock you.

Sarah Silverman claimed she saw swastikas all over the side walks after going out to grab a cup of coffee. She wondered if Neo-Nazis were just terribly drawers, or if they didn’t know how to Google what a swastika looks like.


That’s not a swastika (Source: I’m not an idiot).

As many people in the replies would point out, the signs she is referring to are construction markers. Specifically, these are telecommunication/fiber markers. Public and private utility companies follow a national council uniform color code so the colored markings used anywhere in the country share the same meaning.

Red markings mean electric, yellow means oil and gas, orange means communication systems, etc.


Ironically, Sarah Silverman could have easily accessed this information by doing a 5 seconds Google search.

After spending three hours getting educated mansplained at, Sarah said she had made an “innocent mistake” and that this was common place for someone who received anti-Semitic Tweets on a daily basis.

Funny how after being exposed to be promoting mass hysteria, she’s still trying to play the victim.


Meanwhile, Twitter isn’t taking any of her shit.

Shitposts incoming…….

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