Are there any sane people left in Snow Mexico (Canada)?


Ahh Canada. Land of the Mountie, birthplace of the Bieber, a peaceful, benign, forward thinking liberal behemoth, of vast landscapes and rising mountains (over 10 million km² of the stuff). A place of virtue, decorum, thought police and maple syrup..

“Wait!! Thought Police?” I hear you say. Probably.

You see, Canada has a big problem. If the USA is the brash young buck, showing off, loud and annoying, then Canada is its know-it-all little sister who would probably snitch on you to a teacher. Smugly parading how clever they are, how much more they know than you and I, completely and blissfully unaware of their own naivety and immaturity.

But Canada has taken grandiose, liberal virtue signalling to a whole new level in recent months. Namely, the M-103 and C-16 motions, both of which are designed to control what you must say and think.

M-103 specifically tackles ‘Islamophobia’ or to explain more pertinently, it stops anyone criticizing Islam. Just think about that. Canadians can now no longer question or criticize a 1400 year old medieval text. Nothing. Squat. You can end up with a fine, a criminal record, or even jail if you dare to throw shade at a religion that cuts girls genitals and treats women and gays with such contempt.

Then there’s the stunningly ridiculous C-16 bill, that gives priority rights to transgender people. That’s 0.03% of the north American population. Now, preventing discrimination is a great thing right? Well, yes of course it is (most of the time) but what about the sex based protections already in place for girls and women? Is it right that a young girl could be using a public toilet next to a 40 year old man in a dress?

But perhaps more worryingly though, is the forced use of pronouns. That’s right, C-16 will force people to use certain words, and again, you can be prosecuted if you don’t call someone by their preferred pronoun. You will have to, by law, accept that some absolute nut-job identifies as ‘Ze’, ‘Zhey’ or whatever new, made up word they have come up with, and address them as such. Refuse and you’re breaking the law.

This is completely unheard of in western civilization. Usually with extreme, hard-line governments, certain words are prohibited. But in the very same vein, Canada is now forcing people to use words. As the eminent University of Toronto Professor Jordan Petersen puts it – “These laws are the first laws that I’ve seen that require people under the threat of legal punishment to employ certain words, to speak a certain way, instead of merely limiting what they’re allowed to say.”

Worrying times. The ramifications of these motions could be huge, too much to write into this article, but Canada, through trying to be as liberal as it possibly can, has essentially become authoritarian. You’re not allowed to criticize or question an ideology and you must use certain words, or you’ll be in trouble.

What could possibly go wrong?

Is the Canadian experiment an indicator of things to come?

And more importantly – is that utter bag of assholes, Justin ‘Cuckmaster’ Trudeau, the most slappable politician of all time?


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