Reddit had a meltdown today


This has got to be one of the largest political upsets of all time. The polls had Hillary Clinton winning by such large numbers that her supporters thought they had this one in the bag weeks before the election took place. On Reddit, Clinton supporters had spent the past year dealing with millions of shitposts from r/The_Donald, the largest Donald Trump community on Reddit.

The_Donald has caused to much controversy on Reddit that it would take me a whole book to summarize them all. The Subreddit has, in the past year alone, gone to war with r/Sweden, the largest Swedish community on Reddit, r/enoughtrumpspam, an anti-Trump subreddit, r/politics, Reddit’s largest politics community and pretty much everyone else on Reddit, including the administrators themselves.

Reddit staff have had to modify their algorithms several times this year, to prevent The_Donald from dominating the front page. They have had to create new rules just to keep them in check. At one point in time, Reddit’s servers malfunctioned and The_Donald took over the the entire front page.

As the elections drew closer and every poll, survey, and political analysis was predicting that Clinton would win by a landslide, Reddit got ready to take revenge on The_Donald for the past few months of suffering. A Subreddit was set up, r/The_Meltdown, dedicating to collecting and cataloging Trump supporters losing their shit and complaining about rigged elections.

As soon at polls begun to close, hundreds of posts were immediately submitted to the Subreddit, featuring supposed Trump supporters losing their shit:

trump-1 trump-2

However, as Trump took the lead in the exit polls, things begun to take a turn for the worse. The moderators of r/the_Meltdown posted an update, stating that if Trump ended up winning the election against all odds, the Subreddit would have to start making fun of Clinton supporters.

Shit had officially hit the fan.

By now, Trump Shitposters were out in full force, dominating Reddit’s front page and pretty much every other subreddit (including the pro-Clinton ones). Trump was still in the lead and pulling ahead in front of Hillary. He was actually going to win this.

One of the most upvoted posts in the r/the_meltdown Subreddit, was from a self proclaimed Clinton supporter who was admittedly melting down. By now, a new subreddit had been created to mock users in r/The_Meltdown, aptly named r/The_Meltdown_Meltdown.


But r/The_Meltdown weren’t the only ones losing their shit, all of Reddit was going insane.

A moderator on R/ShitRedditSays, an extremely SJW Subreddit, went all out telling Americans to go fuck themselves.


Meanwhile in r/Enough_Sanders_Spam, a pro Clinton Subreddit dedicated to fighting Bernie Sanders, things were starting to turn ugly. The question on everyone’s mind was “who caused Clinton the election?”. While some Clinton fans wanted to put the blame on Bernie supporters for not rallying behind Clinton, Bernie bros begged to differ. Several “kill yourself” comments were thrown around:




Meanwhile, users of r/The_Donald spent all day shitposting Pepe memes to the front page so much that the Mods might finally flip any moment from now and ban them.