Picking our Battles against Social Justice Warriors


When it comes to being a shitlord in our day to day lives, I understand how tempting it is to target every possible thing which we could reasonably say is due to the influence of feminists, authoritarian ultra-leftists, and SJW’s. Whenever I see something on the internet which is meant to further the body positive or rape culture narrative, I feel the urge to rally my fellow shitlords to launch an attack. However, not every opportunity has to be made into an organized trolling or mass reporting strike against certain pages or feminist groups. In fact, when I saw how often people within the original Shitlord  pages would share a link to a Facebook page in order to ask us, as a group, to start reporting the page just because it exists as a Feminist/SJW/Body Positive/Ultra-left thing on the internet concerned me. I was all in favor of going after pages like Feminist Frequency, Shit Oppressors Say, Charlize, and the various other pages that were posting illegal content, but only because those pages posed a real, harmful threat to ourselves or others. Whether it was self-defense, striking at the largest pages we could hope to take down, or taking down pages which distributed child pornography, these all seemed to be worthy targets.

However, there were some targets proposed which, while tempting, I didn’t think warranted a collective, organized response. I think that there are definitely some good opportunities for our community to capitalize on, and there are some bad opportunities which we need to pass up despite how tempting they are. When we, the humble lords of the shit, don’t properly discriminate between good opportunities and poor opportunities, we run the risk of ruining our own credibility as a community. If we attack anything and everything that comes into our sight, then we become just as needlessly antagonistic as the SJW’s, effectively proving the stereotype that they assign to us as “Anti-SJW’s”, which serves to dismiss what we say as being nothing more than dogmatic opposition to all things social justice. If we allow ourselves to become this stereotype, then what we say becomes just as unreliable as parroting and dogmatic non-sense we accuse them of doing, ours is just a rejection of theirs.

Now, as a caveat here, I would like to makes something abundantly clear to all of you, my fellow shitlords. I don’t wish to tell you how to do what we’re here to do. I’m no authority over you, and I can’t stop you from trolling SJW’s and trying to shut down their pages. I take pride knowing that we, as a community, don’t hide behind “no true Scotsmen” fallacies and claims to moral superiority in order to justify ourselves. We are fully aware that members of our movement, if I might be as bold enough to call it a movement, have sunk to the lowest levels in order to fight back against the same tactics that the SJW’s have used against us. We have trolled, we have shitposted, we have abused the broken Facebook report system, we have taken down various pages and groups from the inside, and we recognize that none of this will stop any time soon, nor do we feel the need to deny the actions of our fellow shitlords as being “beneath” us. We don’t have to, because we know that what we stand for is already justified, and it is our certainty in knowing that we have good reason to think these SJW’s are wrong and deserve to be knocked down a few pegs. We recognize that there is dirty fighting on both sides of this conflict, then only difference is that we don’t deny it, and we unapologetically wear the title of “shit.” We are a community of individuals who do as they please, and that’s okay with me, but all I’m asking is that we put more effort into choosing which things we agree to collectively attack instead of just indiscriminately lashing out at everything we see as being the result of feminist and SJW influence. And here, I think some examples of what I mean by good and bad opportunities will be helpful.

Recently, the story came out that Jody House would be writing a comic miniseries for Valiant Comics about a fat superhero named “Faith,” who can fly. Here’s an article on the story: New series FAITH topples the ‘one size fits all’ female superhero status quo. When the article was shared to some anti-feminist pages, I noticed a lot of attacks being made toward this idea of a fat superhero, and how this was yet another way in which the Feminazi/SJW influence was ruining comics. Here is where I thought that perhaps we, as a group, could be more discerning about our choice to draw our attention toward this example of body positivity being expressed. I even commented on the post, saying that I didn’t think this was actually such a bad thing. I didn’t think this warranted a lot of hate, or even that much attention to begin with, because this was a case of someone, who is at least sympathetic to the ideas of SJW’s, doing exactly what we have told them to do when they complain about something they find “problematic” about a particular creative medium: “If you don’t like it, go make your own.” Whenever a feminist critic decides to get on xer’s soapbox about how sexist, ableist, or body shame-y some popular form of entertainment is, this is the usual response to shut them up. We tell them to stop trying to police the creativity of others and start making your own contributions to the medium to satisfy your desire for representation. Now, we usually do this as a rhetorical move to prove that either (a) they’re too lazy to do anything besides complain or (b) that even if they were put some kind of effort into crafting their own work, it would be so terrible that no one would look at it besides the other rabid Tumblerinas who would praise it to high heaven just because it would be a “feminist video game” or a “feminist comic” or something like that. However, in this case, it seems that one of them has taken up the gambit. She has written her own comic, and we have to at least acknowledge that this was what we told them to do about influencing a medium they want representation within. I also mentioned in the comment that the only reason I could see for someone getting genuinely upset about this story would be if Jody House was going to rewrite an existing character or franchise to arbitrarily change their established story, which already has a fanbase surrounding this character because of who they are and how they were originally written, in order to shoehorn in some representation for fat people in comic books. I could understand being pissed if this story was about Wonderwoman being rebooted as overweight because the author felt that she needed to pander to the body positive movement. However, that’s not what this story is, and I don’t see any problem with Jody House creating this new comic. Is it pandering? Yes, no question about it. Is it subject to some serious criticism if it is poorly written and only serves to put focus on a fat character? Yes, and it probably will be criticized if that is the case. But, as long as it isn’t rewriting creative property or taking some piece of entertainment away from people in the name of “being progressive”, then I don’t see any reason to even acknowledge Jody or her comic.

Speaking of a pointless reboot which is meant to pander to feminists, that brings me to my example of something we should feel the need to focus our attention on: The Ghostbusters reboot. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months or so, then you’ve probably heard about the reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise with the four main characters being played by women.

Here’s a link to the trailer which was recently  released: GHOSTBUSTERS – Official Trailer (HD). This kind of creative control over someone else’s work is something which we should recognize is harmful. The fact that the writers have changed the genders of the lead characters doesn’t add anything to the original concept of the Ghostbusters films. In fact, it seems clear this change was made solely to force some women into the film just for the sake of having women in the leading roles of the film. This is pandering in the worst sense, and it does so by rewriting creative property which other people already enjoyed and loved. The result of this is a shitty reboot of a franchise which can only stand to lose fans over this attempt to pander to a small group of people, who will probably be the only ones who enjoy the movie anyway. The same people they are pandering to would have also probably enjoyed ANY kind of action-comedy movie starring an all-female cast, so the writers could have accomplished their pandering without rewriting something which already existed. They could have just written their own movie for that purpose, or perhaps looked into a franchise where something could be gained by changing the gender of the lead actor. But no, that would require too much effort and creativity, I suppose. Instead, they decided to exploit the success of someone else’s work to crank out a shitty reboot, earn some brownie points with the feminists, and cash in on the people who are hoping this new Ghostbusters movie doesn’t suck. This is something that needs to be called out for not only exploiting the fans of the properties that they are rewriting, but also for completely disregarding the substance and quality of a creative product in exchange for emphasizing how “progressive” and “diverse” the product is. Again, this is why we tell feminist critics that if they don’t like the trends within a particular creative medium, then they should go make their own contributions to the medium instead of trying to take creative control over the ones we enjoy. This is in the hopes that instead of ruining the stuff we enjoy, they will just go away and make their own shitty creations which they can enjoy, and everyone else doesn’t have to put up with the boring, vapid crap they make. However, as we can see from Ghostbusters, they also recognize how easy it is to just take over something everyone else enjoys, so it’s up to the shitlords of the world to call them out and try to prevent more of this from happening. In this case, I hope enough people recognize how terrible this movie will probably be and spend their time and money elsewhere. If this movie were to fail financially, it would certainly send a clear message to Hollywood and feminists that doing this is not something people are willing to put up with just so they can satisfy their desire to have the world and popular media revolve around them.

I hope I’ve helped to provide a bit of insight into the general philosophy of why we shitlords do what we do, and I hope that all of you take at least some of this to heart when you’re out there fighting the good fight. Again, I can’t tell any of you what you should do or how you should do it, but I think we should all consider our targets carefully. Most of the concerns I have expressed here have come from what I saw on some Anti-feminist pages, and doesn’t seem to be present on some other pages, and I think that this is a good thing that we should try to maintain as much as we can. We have to be careful not to completely squander all of our credibility, or else we end up like the SJW’s who have thrown around “racist!” and “misogynist!” too often, and it no longer means anything substantial. In a similar way, if we lash out at everything that seems like it has SJW’s and feminists involved with it, then we become the Anti-SJW’s, who are just as bad as the SJW’s. In order to make the best use of our ability to stir up the people of the internet against these nutjobs and prevent them from doing more damage, we need to make sure that when we collectively agree to target something or someone, we’re sure that it’s important enough to warrant the attention we’re drawing toward it.

Keep up the good fight, you glorious bastards. Nobis vivere militare est.


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