Peta launches campaign against Far Cry 5


I’m not sure what exactly it is about Far Cry 5 that seems to attract all the different Social Justice factions. Just last week, a Vice journalist was complaining about the video game having too many black people. Now, the People for the Ethical treatment of animals (PETA) has issued out a press release criticizing the game’s treatment of animals.

Peta’s German division is pleading with the developers of Far Cry 5 to stop marketing their game to the German population, until they fix how animals (fishes in particular) are treated in the game. According to the press release, Peta wants video games that contain “free-living animals that do not glorify killing as a pastime”:

Since the original press release was written in German, I had to seek the help of Google Translate and a friend to translate to English. Not sure why, but the translated texts just sound hilarious:

…PETA now appeals to the German representation of the game developer, the Ubisoft GmbH in Dusseldorf, in the future no longer to market video games in Germany, glorifying and banalizing the hunting and killing of fish or other animals. The animal rights organization proposes instead to develop games with free-living animals that do not glorify killing as a pastime.

Now watch Peta try to explain why fishes should be treated as humans:

Today we know that a fish is somebody, not something, and it is an indictment to promote fishing. Fish are curious vertebrates with individual personalities. In some intelligence tests, fish fare better than chimpanzees, orangutans and capuchin monkeys.
They have a complex social life and sometimes close close friendships. Some fish sing like birds at dawn in chorus, others protect their young, by the offspring in case of danger in the mouth or guard the eggs for weeks. But above all: they feel anxiety, stress and pain.
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not giving up my position on top of the food-chain just because my food has friends and feelings (assuming this is even true to begin with). The fact that Peta thinks animals in a video games (which are basically just a bunch of computer codes to begin with) need defending proves that this organization has lost its grip on reality.
In honor of PETA’s efforts and to show respect towards the work they are doing, here’s a picture of fishes in their natural habitat doing the only thing they are good for: