Its official: Laci Green has been redpilled


To everyone who doubted my prophetic powers, you can start apologizing now. Laci green’s transformation into a fully fledged Shitlord is almost done. A month ago, she was all “I’m still a feminist, but I’m willing to have discussions with the other side”. Today, she’s criticizing Feminism, calling herself “red-pilled” and calling out tabloid newspaper type posts for being sanctimonious and egotistical. Is this real life:

She says the experience is helping her get rid of some “toxic shit” in her life. Leaving radical Feminism, to her, is like leaving Mormonism all over again (Yes, she used to be a Mormon).

She even called out Everyday Feminism for acting like idiots. Everyday Feminism had re-tweeted a tweet from Laci earlier, and their fans weren’t having any of it because according to them, she’s a bigot now. Everyday Feminist decided to delete the re-tweet and apologize:

Well this was a wild ride.

Is anyone going to tell her?


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