Obama’s brother is a shitposting maniac


Many people know of Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama. He grew up with Barack Obama and they were each other’s best man at their weddings. Having supported his brother in his 2008 and 2012 bids for the presidency, Malik seems to have had a change of ideology. He became an avid supporter of Donald Trump and was one of Trump’s invited guests to the third presidential debate. All of this information is public on his Wikipedia page.

What you won’t find on Wikipedia, however, is the man’s love for memes.

Having spent the past few months with the 4chan/pro-Trump crowd, Malik has come into contact with Internet memes and seems to have overdosed on them. He just can’t get enough. If it wasn’t for the “verified” marker on his Twitter account, no one would be able to convince you that this wasn’t an Internet troll account.

He seems to have accepted the divinity of Pepe and the wonders of meme magic.




malik-5He declared war on Internet “thots” and Cucks several months ago, and has since dedicated his Internet presence to fighting them.

“Thots be shot” seems to be his new motto:

thot-1 thot-2 thot-3 thot-4 thot-5 thot-6 thot-7 thot-8 thot-9

His shitposting skills are getting out of hand:

What have you done, alt right?

shitpost-1 shitpost-2 shitpost-3

This week, however, he decided to voice his views on anime; which has caused quite a controversy on Twitter.

His anime tweets have already been covered by Computer magazine, The Mary sue, Geek.com, and several other news publications who just don’t understand what is going on.

“Why the heck is the president’s brother tweeting about anime”, one feminist reporter asked.

anime-1 anime-2 anime-3 anime-4 anime-5 anime-6 anime-7

Once again, I ask:

What have you guys done?