Not only is liking traps gay, you’re probably gay too if you have to ask


Is it gay to be sexually attracted to a man? The obvious answer is YES, because being sexually attracted to another man is literally the definition of homosexuality. Now what if the man in question is wearing a dress?

Does it go from being gay to no longer being gay? The answer is also yes. It is no longer gay, because dresses automatically confer femininity to anyone who wears them………. /sarcasm you absolute fucking morons. No, wearing a dress doesn’t suddenly turn a man into a woman, and being attracted to a man in a dress is gay.

A bit of a distinction: A trap is not necessarily the same thing as a transgender person. A “transgender” person is someone with gender dysphoria or who has undergone gender reassignment surgery for whatever reason.

A trap is just a feminine man/boy who puts on make-up and dresses up like a woman. We can argue about whether being attracted to trans people makes you gay or not, but that is an argument for another day….

Today, I’m just here to put an end to a life-long Internet debate and to inform everyone that liking traps is FUCKING GAY. Like…. really fucking gay. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit what people choose to jack-off to in their bedrooms, but the trap menace seems to be cropping up in almost every Internet forum I visit and I’ve had enough of it.

I might not even have a problem with people jacking of to other men if they weren’t in so much denial about it. Almost no one who likes trap wants to admit that they are gay:

“I’m attracted to the feminine parts of the trap”

Sure, mate. The reason you purposefully seek out men with penises is so you can admire their “feminine” parts. You couldn’t just jack off to normal women like everyone else? Or are women, the literal standard of femininity, not feminine enough for you?

“The dick only makes it better”

At least you admit you’re attracted to penises (the male sex organ). Look, I’ll even meet you guys half way – Just admit you’re at least bisexual and we can put this thing to rest. Stop coming up with these funny taglines to explain your attraction to other men. Stop using mental gymnastics to explain away your homosexuality. Liking traps is GAY and we all know it.