No one knows why 4chan users are following this girl en masse or what they’re going to do next


Have 4chan users grown hearts and decided to be nice for once or are they currently carrying out the first step of something sinister to come in the future?

A physically disabled prepubescent girl on YouTube has seen an extreme increase in YouTube subscribers and views after several thousand 4chan users decided to subscribe to her channel, watch, thumbs up and share her videos…… for seemingly no reason.

Life of a thug bunny” a disabled YouTuber has found herself in the midst of a 4chan civil-war of sorts, after one 4chan user suggested that other users help raid and harass her channel.

A large portion of 4chan’s /b/ board was disgusted with the suggestion and decided to show her some love instead. They decided to subscribe to her channel and help her gain Internet fame.

Her YouTube channel, which celebrated 100 subscribers just mere 4 days ago currently has well over 8,000 subscribers and is well on its way to 10,000 subscribers. The number of views on her channel have also increased tremendously.

While an average video on her channel would normally receive between 100-900 views, her recent videos are receiving tens of thousands more, with one video reaching 33,000 views (at the time of the writing of this article):

Meanwhile, a portion of the 4chan community is concerned that 4channers having “gone soft”, and would like to see 4chan return to its evil ways. Some users are currently subscribing to her channel just so they can all mass-unsubscribe one day and make her depressed.

Those users are now known as “meanies” on 4chan and fans of thug bunny are dedicated to eradicating them. Screen-caps show that a user calling to make “/b/ great again” by asking when they would all un-subscribe from her channel was banned by 4chan administrators for “being a meanie”:

Positive comments now seem to fill up her YouTube comment section.

Who knew 4chan could be this nice?

There’s even a plan to get her to 10,000 subscribers so YouTube can fly her to Los Angeles for a tour of their offices:

YouTubers with at least 10,000 subscribers gain access to YouTube’s state-of-the-art production resources to help them create their videos … all at no charge.

Only time will tell if they will succeed or if the meanies will.