New Feminist Trend – “Birth Rape”

From the creators of "fart rape" and "sexist air conditioning" comes this new first world problem.


After feminists gave us “Sexist air conditioning” just a few months ago, they’re back in style with one more absurd campaign to start the year off with; Birth Rape. No, Its not satire. Sadly.

According to Jezebel writer Irin Carmon, birth rape ‘ refers not to forced sexual contact, but to violations experienced during childbearing.’ A website dedicated to exposing the “trauma” of birth rape describes it as:

“A vulnerable woman, who is powerless to leave the situation, is at times held down against her will, has strangers looking & touching at private parts of her body, perhaps without appropriate measures being taken to acknowledge her ownership of her body or to preserve her comfort levels. Perhaps she has fingers or instruments inserted without her consent, and sometimes against her consent, invading and crossing decent boundaries. She is fearful of what is happening to her and perhaps for the wellbeing of her baby, and receives no reassurance that either she or her child are ok. That is a violation, no matter how you look at it. Even IF this treatment is given with no malice and the intent of attempting to assist her with birthing her child, there is NEVER a reason to forgo common decencies that will enable her to maintain a role in the birth, some autonomy over her body, to be involved in the decision-making, to be informed about what they want to do BEFORE they do it.”

Basically, the feminists pushing this nonsense do not understand why a doctor trying to help a pregnant woman give birth would touch her in the process. Never-mind the fact that by walking into a hospital to be operated on, she has automatically agreed to be touched. Why else would you walk into a hospital with the purpose of birthing a child if you don’t expect the doctor to touch you? Unless the doctor in question has super powers that allow him to carefully navigate the removal of an unborn child from your body with his mind, he’s going to have to touch you.

But that isn’t even the most outrageous thing about this new trend, no, the sad part is that Feminists once again continue to downplay and undermine rape. What could be more insulting to REAL rape victims than telling them that the traumatic event they have gone through is equivalent to a doctor helping a pregnant woman give birth? The writer of the blog addresses this and said:

“I know that the majority of people reading the definition of rape and attempting to apply it to birth trauma will feel it is a stretch to do so. It took decades to believe that rape occurred in marriage or that women could be rapists, too, so expanding the definition to include birth might take a very long time and, I am sure, many, many years and a slew of failed lawsuits before anyone in the legal system recognizes birth traumas/abuses, much less birthrape.”

In summary, she doesn’t even apologize for it. Her argument is that in time, we will all gain enlightenment and come to see things from her point of view.

We won’t.

Now, I am not saying that No doctor has ever abused their power, trust me, there are some who have. In 2012, Doctor Navin Zala was barred after it was discovered that he had spent 20 years sexually molesting his patients. Two years later, an Arkansas doctor was charged with taking nude photos of his patients. These are all things that happen every once in a while, but there are already laws against that; which is why they were charged, not given awards. But that is besides the point, because that isn’t even what these activists against “birth rape” are fighting against, they simply do not understand why a doctor(especially a male one) would touch a female patient when helping her deliver her baby.

What these Feminists need isn’t a lesson on the law, what they need is one in biology.