Neil DeGrasse Tyson is getting out of hand


Everyone loves Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Most people do, anyway.

He’s an accomplished astrophysicist, a seemingly nice person, and he’s no doubt gotten a lot of people interested in the sciences. Some of the TV series and documentaries he’s hosted like The Pluto Files, Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey and Startalk were quite informative and educational, not to mention how widely received they were. Neil has also won several awards and honors in his 58 years on earth.

He’s even tweeted some funny and interesting things in the past:



Hell, the guy has even shit-posted about weight loss and fat acceptance:



However, in the past few years, the guy has completely jumped the shark.

I don’t know if its his fame and hero-status getting to his head, but the guy thinks he’s some kind of intellectual mastermind.

The Internet sucked him off for so long that he became an insufferable douche:


Maybe he’s doing it to appease his Fedora wearing fans, or its just straight up narcissism. Either way, its getting really annoying.

Take this comparison between World war II deaths and firearm deaths for example:


This isn’t just a bad comparison, its also factually wrong.

The actual number of American soldiers who died in the second world war is 407,300; which isn’t really that far off from the 400,000 figure he stated.

As for the 400,000 Americans dying by household firearms since 2001 statistic, I can’t for the life of me figure out where he got the figure from. What are the chances? That two unrelated events would have the same number of casualties to the last zero?

That’s not where Tyson’s refusal to fact-check things ends. He’s so full of himself that he comes up with theories all by himself, and then posts them as gospel truth.

Like his Tweet about inherited celibacy.

He was wrong:


Or his dumb and scientifically inaccurate Tweet about sex. (Also wrong):




Cats, bedbugs, ducks and numerous other species across the globe are waiting for Tyson’s retraction.

But that’s not all, he has also taken on the habit of inserting “science”, pedantically, in pretty much everything.

Like that time he went on a Twitter diatribe against the new stars wars movie. I guess being an Astrophysicist means you have to give your opinion on everything space-related:

star-1 star-2 star-3 star-4

Or how about when he decided to “debunk” a leap year:


That’s what you get for being a smart-ass.

This week, he decided to turn his attention to football:


Yea, how dare people find enjoyment in things.

How dare they have different interests than science.

Everyone on the planet should become a scientist. That certainly sounds like a good idea.

Hey Neil:



EDIT: This article has offended more people than most of my articles making fun of SJWs combined.