Milo Yiannopoulos is going to buy 4chan?


These stories never stop coming. I hate spamming you guys with updates, but its really just entertaining at this point.

Let’s recap:

Fast forward to today, and Milo went on 4chan’s /pol/ board for an AMA(sort of). It was basically just an endless Shitposting battle.

The thread has since died down, but an archive of it can be seen HERE and HERE.

Here are the highlights:

milo 2 MILO 1 milo 3 milo 4

A few minutes after the thread died down, Milo posted an update on his Facebook page:

milo buying 4chan

Milo’s net worth is estimated somewhere around $750,000, so I have my doubts about him being able to buy the site. Its however possible that he might be able to buy a large share percentage of it. A large enough percentage to actually control the site (or parts of it).

Meanwhile the response:

milo 4chan 1

milo 4chan 2