Message to our Facebook fans + New Facebook page


For the billionth time in the past 5 years, we have been banned from Facebook. Again.

Banning us from Facebook is basically a time-honored tradition at this point.

If Facebook goes for too long without banning us, things start feeling weird and unnatural. Facebook has to keep banning us otherwise there’d be a fracture in the space-time continuum. Our page getting Zucced is literally necessary for the survival of the species.

You’re welcome.

Like always, we’ll come back from this as we’ve always done. We are currently cleaning the page of all “offensive” content and will be appealing Facebook’s ban later on in the week. We will do everything in our power to get the page back, but just in case it doesn’t work out, we have a contingency plan.

aos appeal

We are creating a new page where we shall resume shitposting effective immediately, until we get the old page back. The new page is Age Of Shitlords II: Revenge of the Cis. You should go give it a like if you were one of the over 100,000 fans we lost this week. If you’re new to the page, you might as well go like it too.

Be sure to like our sister page, Getting PTSD From Tumblr posts without Trigger warnings.

Its also not a bad idea to join our Facebook group Shitlord Paradise, even though the amount of shitposting in the group will probably give you cancer+autism².

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Just to be safe, you should probably go follow other anti-Feminist Facebook pages like Anti-Feminazi, Social Justice Warriors, I,Hypocrite, etc.

Facebook can’t get rid of us. If they could, they would have already.

The Feminists who keep mass-reporting us are delusion if they think its going to end that easily

We’ll just keep coming back over and over again.

Hail Hydra, motherfuckers.