Merriam-Webster owns SJWs in legendary sh*tpost


The Merriam-Webster dictionary is really turning out to be the dictionary for Shitlords everywhere. Its no secret that Social Justice warrior snowflakes have been trying to invent new words and force them into the dictionary lately. I have no doubt that several dictionaries get bombarded with words like Dragonkin, xerself, xe, fuckkin, shitkin, etc. from people trying to get their bullshit terms recognized. To counter this, the Merriam-Webster dictionary released an Infographic on how a word gets added into the dictionary.

The Infographic contains questions like “Are you a special snowflake and this is your special word”? if you answered “YES”, the Infographic tells you “We don’t care”.

If you answered “No”, the answer is “We still don’t care”.

“Will this word be short-lived?”

If yes, “Try again in 50 years”.

The full Infographic is seen below:


Optimized-merriam webster infographic

Now that’s what i call Shitposting.

If this doesn’t make you want to buy their dictionary, I don’t know what will:

yes 1 yes 2 yes 3 yes 4