Meet Ben Garrison; The Internet’s Most Trolled Cartoonist


If you browse the internet (especially image boards) frequently, you have most likely come across a Neo-Nazi or racist cartoon with a “Ben Garrison” watermark inscribed somewhere on it. You probably concluded that Ben Garrison was most likely a Neo-Nazi or at least a Nazi sympathizer, who expressed his Anti-Jewish views through comics but alas, that is not so. In actuality, Uncle Ben is a libertarian cartoonist known for creating illustrations about United States political corruption and various conspiracy theories. So where did all the Neo-Nazi stuff come from? Simple, uncle Ben is the victim of an Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan and 8chan troll campaign. Through no fault of his, /pol/ (a politically incorrect board found on both 4chan and 8chan) found his art and decided to have some fun with it.

For example, see this picture drawn by Ben himself meant to highlight how both sides of the political spectrum are controlled by outside forces:

This is what it looked like after the trolls were done with it:

If you observed closely, you’ll notice that the pyramid head meant to represent the Illuminati or a government conspiracy has been taken out and replaced with the happy merchant meme, which is a caricature meant to depict a stereotypical Jew.

The same thing was done to the picture below. On the left is the original comic, on the right is a White Supremacist version of it:

Ben himself soon became aware of what was going on and made a post on his blog explaining that the anti-Semitic comics were all edits and not made by him. Below is the picture he posted on his blog explaining how his comics had been co-opted by Internet trolls.

He tried his best to make it clear that his comics were being hijacked and he threatened the 8chan board owner with a DCMA and even went as far as to create a legal fund to sue sites like Reddit and 4chan for not removing the “libel” against him. It seems he was unaware of the age old rule, “Do not poke the troll” because his threats only continued to entice the trolls. They continued to edit his comics every time he posted them until he eventually realized the futility of fighting an army of trolls. On April 28th of 2015, he visited 8chan’s /pol/ board and interacted with them. Seen below:

However, as he would come to find, they weren’t done with him and they continue to edit his art work to this day. Over time, they decided that editing his work to depict Jewish stereotypes wasn’t enough, and they began drawing their own comics and placing his watermark on it. He had basically become their unofficial mascot.

For example, the picture below was drawn by someone somewhere who Ben has never met before, but still containing a “Ben Garrison” watermark.

Same applies to this picture:

Neither of the pictures above were drawn by Ben Garrison or are even remotely associated with him.

Ben garrison is not an Anti-Semite. He is not a racist, He is not a White Supremacist. He is simply the world’s most trolled cartoonist.



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