Mashable lightened the skin of YouTube shooter to make her look white


What do you do when a female vegan activist shoots up YouTube’s headquarters injuring three people and killing one? Just edit her picture to make her appear more white seems to be the answer.

After the identity of the YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam was revealed, Mashable writer Johnny Lieu wrote a story for Mashable detailing her motive for carrying out the attack….. except the picture he chose to use for the story was slightly misleading. In the picture, Nasim’s skin tone had been lightened extensively, and her eyes had been turned green:

The change in complexion is much more obvious when compared to the original image.

This picture has no doubt been run through Photoshop or some other editing app:

When questioned on Twitter, the writer alleged that the image had already been edited by the shooter herself, and that he only took it from her social media accounts and used it….. which just doesn’t add up; because no one else seems to have the whitened copy that he claims is available online. Somehow, Johnny Lieu is the only one who ended up with an edited picture of the shooter:

And even if the image had been edited by the shooter herself (it wasn’t), the question remains; why is it that out of the hundreds of pictures of the shooter available online, he only chose to use the one that made her look whiter with green eyes?

Mashable has since deleted the Tweet, but an archived version of it can be found HERE.