Marvel’s latest Feminist cringe comic: The unstoppable wasp

Wait till you read the cringe-worthy dialogue.


About a week ago, we published an article about how Marvel Comics had swallowed the Feminist kool-aid and turned most of their comics into annoying Feminist fan fictions with cringe-worthy dialogues and bad drawings. Most of the comics, like Mockingbird, had to be canceled due to under-performing sales and poor reception from comic book fans.

Marvel must have not learnt their lesson, because their latest comic is several million degrees of insanity worse than all the previous ones.

The Unstoppable Wasp is a 2017 comic book written by Jeremy Whitler, which follows the story of an “unstoppable, genius, girl hero” named Nadia. Nadia is described as a teenage super scientist who wants to change the world, right after she gains U.S. Citizenship (Brace yourself for unwanted opinions on Immigration in future releases). The first issue of the book was released on January 4th, and I managed to get my hands on a copy of it for the purpose of writing this article (If you are reading this, you owe me reparations for the amount of cancer I had to endure, reading this comic).

Just in case you don’t know what kind of idiocy to expect from the comic, here’s a recent tweet I pulled from the Twitter account of the guy who wrote it:

He seems awfully proud that there aren't many men in his comic
He seems awfully proud of the fact that there aren’t many men in his comic

The comic begins with Nadia visiting the immigration office to apply for US citizenship; where she tells the immigration officer her life’s story. She is apparently the long-separated daughter of Ant-Man(The Avenger), who was stolen from him before her birth. Ant man’s pregnant wife was captured by unknown villains, who kept her in a secret facility in Russia called “The Red room”, where she gave birth to Nadia. Nadia was trained as an assassin and lived her whole life in captivity until she made a daring escape and moved to the United States.

Before she could complete her story to the immigration officer or sign her immigration papers, she and her friend, Ms marvel, hear a commotion outside. Mockingbird (yes, the same Mockingbird whose comic was canceled) is fighting a giant robot outside, and Nadia and Ms marvel go to help.

The dialogue that takes place when the three super-heroines meet, sounds like what happens when an 80 year old man tries desperately to appear “modern” and hipster. With references to Harry Potter and Star Wars, this scene is a classic example of “How do you do, fellow kids”?

The cringe begins:


The comic is so bad that even the villain is a Feminist moron.

After The wasp (Nadia) shrinks herself and infiltrates the robot’s exterior, she finds out that the suit is being operated by a famous biochemist by the name of “Monica Rappaccin”, who Nadia used to adore. Nadia voices her disappointment at the fact that a childhood hero of hers became a super villain.

How does this super evil female scientist respond….?

She complains about female scientist representation and how only “male blowhard” scientists become famous:


In another scene, Mockingbird and The wasp are back at the wasp’s apartment and get talking about “the list”.

According to Mockingbird, S.H.I.E.L.D created a list of the smartest people on the planet, and the highest ranking woman on the list is in the 27th position.

This pisses her off for some reason:


I did a bit of research, and it turns out that the list being referred to in this comic, literally doesn’t exist.

No Marvel animation, comic book, or movie, has ever made mention of a list of the most intelligent people on the planet.

Which means that the writer of this comic invented the concept of “the list” all by himself, just so his characters can have something to complain about.

Hilariously, this non existent list is basically what the entire comic book is about. After learning about the list and how unfairly represented women are on it, Nadia decides to dedicate her life to getting to the top of the list. “I’m going to make them rethink that whole list” she thought to herself: THE END.


If this comic isn’t canceled in the next 2 years, I’m going to be very disappointed in the human race.