Marvel has become Feminist cancer


Marvel has completely jumped the shark. Its one thing to support women’s rights or to want more female representation in comic books; I think most people support that as well. However, for some reason, normal “equal rights” type of Feminism isn’t enough for Marvel, they have decided to adopt the crazy Tumblr-esque version of Feminism instead. Words like “mansplaining” and “Patriarchy” now litter pages of Marvel’s newest comics.

Take, for instance, the Marvel comic “Mockingbird”. Mockingbird is a female character that appeared in Marvel comics over the years and then finally got its own comic release in March of 2016. In case you’re wondering just how cancerous the feminist agenda in the comic is, this was the cover of the last issue of the comic before they canceled it:


If you’re thinking “That’s just the cover, the inner pages probably aren’t as bad”, you couldn’t be more wrong. Take the dialogue below for example. Marvel basically throws many iconic female heroes under the bus, to promote the idea that super heroines are oppressed:



Thankfully, Mockingbird was canceled last year for unnamed reasons(*cough* bad sales *cough*), and we no longer have to subject ourselves to the mental torture of reading the garbage it contains.

However, Mockingbird is just a tip of the iceberg.

In one of the latest issues of Thor (Thor is a woman now), Female Thor broke a villain’s jaw for “saying ‘Feminist’ like its a 4 letter word”.

Yes, seriously. The geniuses over at marvel read this comic and were impressed enough with it to publish it:


Earlier on in the scene, the villain (an anti-feminist caricature), was raging on Female Thor for being a woman. This is how the creators chose to deal with criticism from fans about the sudden change of Thor’s gender:



Marvel’s descent into Feminist idiocy doesn’t end there, let’s take a look at the amazing X-men series.

In the amazing X-men (2nd series) #7, Firestar, Iceman and Spiderman come across an alien baby, who Iceman refers to as a “boy”, because it has a penis (a reasonable assumption). Firestar then goes on a rant about imposing gender roles on aliens…..


All in all, marvel is really heart-set on claiming social justice points, as more and more dialogues like this keep appearing all over their comics.

Like this character complaining about “mansplaining”:


Or this one complaining about people  not talking about tampons:


Or this one complaining about rich white guys:


The list goes on and on…..

Marvel decided that they needed to get into the new demographic of millennials, and the way to do it, in their minds, was to pander to Social justice warriors.

As one Reddit user explained;

They decided that they wanted to get into a new, young demographic. To do this, they launched Marvel Now! It was meant to reboot everything and streamline everyone’s histories, so you don’t need to have read 30 years of comics to know what’s going on. Good idea, but they didn’t do it.

Instead, they rebooted everyone by giving them brand new histories and making you use context to figure out their new backstory, while continuing on the ongoing story lines that had been set up prior to the reboot.

So basically, now you had to have the 30 years knowledge, and you had to read even more comics than ever, for the slightest clue here or there as to what the hell was going on. They dun goofed. And the writing is shit.

At this point, it seems like Marvel sources their writers straight from Tumblr.