Marvel comics will abandon Social Justice ideology in 2017


I’ve written extensively in the past about Marvel’s decay into SJW-dom and its decision to push “diversity” and political rhetoric into most of their comics. In fact, most recently, I published an article about one such comic, The unstoppable wasp, and commented that Marvel would need to get rid of comics like this if they intend to keep their viewer base. Seems like the Lord has answer my prayer……………

The new lead writer for the X-Men comics, Marc Guggenheim, who also happens to a co-creator/showrunner of Arrow, gave a very telling interview recently where he almost explicitly stated that marvel comics, this year, would be more about story telling, and less about pushing an agenda.

He was mostly concerned about the upcoming X-men comics ,which he says would be less about pushing the “struggling minority” story-line.

“It’s more about the X-Men as heroes than the X-Men as a struggling minority fighting for their very existence… That existential crisis is tabled for the time being” It’s been a while since the X-Men have really been able to catch their breath and not worry about the end of mutantkind.

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Alex Alonso, also made a pretty similar statement recently, when he proclaimed that he was “The last thing from a social justice warrior“.

Full transcript of his statement below:


The only Marvel comic which is expected to have SJW-themed story lines this year is the upcoming “Secret Empire“. Rich Johnson, a prolific comic book journalist has been told by marvel insiders that the reason this comic book will have a Social Justice theme is because the writers are too far into writing the comic to change anything. However, the comic book is expected to be the last comic we see from Marvel in a while that pushes a political theme:

“I am told that Marvel knows that the upcoming Secret Empire is probably too political for some readers given this current climate but they are in too deep to change direction on it now…….. I am told to expect that Secret Empire will be a bit of a last hurrah for this kind of storytelling from Marvel for a while. A little how Marvel writers were told to get the use of the Marvel 616 dimensional nomenclature out of their system before it was done away with for good.”

As to whether its due to disappointing sales or negative reaction from fans, Marvel has yet to state the reason for this sudden change in direction.