Man Films His Own Death While Making “Quick Sand” Escape Video


Natural selection at its finest. A young man was so confident of his skills and ability to escape quick sand that he decided to create a quick sand escape tutorial video. He set up a camera to record himself and then jumped right into some very thick quick sand, without any backup plans or onlookers to save him should things not go according to plan.

His intention was to demonstrate how to maneuver your own out of quick sand should you ever have the misfortune of falling into one. He most likely didn’t have any backup plans because he considered himself an expert and thought it would be relatively easy to escape from the sand ….. The sand however had other ideas.

A few seconds in the sand and it was obvious from the look on his face that he realized that this may have been a bad idea after all. “Too thick… too thick” he muttered to himself, realizing that he may have been too confident and underestimated the sand. He kept gasping and trying to get out, all the while only sinking deeper into the sand. All his skills and techniques did him no good – The sand had the higher ground and there was nothing young Anakin Skywalker could do about it.

Three minutes after jumping in, all but his head and neck were well engulfed by the sand, and it was already obvious where this was going. Its like watching an Isis execution video in slow motion, except the executioner and the person doing the execution are the same. I’m pretty sure this qualifies as a suicide. The video:

The video: – **Darwin Award** Man Films His Own Death While Making “Quick Sand” Escape Video.

Just imagine the panic.