Local Vegan shop self destructs on facebook


A vegan shop located in Huddersfield, England, went absolutely batshit insane during the week and sent out a series of posts that convinced everyone that the lack of protein in the shop owners’ diet may have finally caught up with them; and driven them crazy.

On the 13th of this month, The Goat Cafe, one of the few all-vegan shops in the city announced on Facebook to its fans that it was abandoning all forms of modern technology, including the internet. The shop, which says their actions are aimed at fighting against animal cruelty and exploitation, says they will no longer accept card payments and will also no longer post updates online or acknowledge any form of digital communication or reviews. Anyone who wishes to communicate with them would have to do it in writing or in person.

In addition, the shop will also stop serving menus that require modern technology to be prepared, such as cappuccinos, macchiato latte and Americana coffee.

The shop later deleted the original post from their page, but the internet never forgets.


After making the post, the shop then proceeded to argue with some of their vegan customers who didn’t think abandoning all forms of technology more advanced than the wheel was a good idea.

One customer who suggested that the internet gave her access to information and support that would otherwise be hard to find was told that she needs to address her life if she needs the internet to live. She was also accused of having “third world problems” for suggesting that food shouldn’t be overcooked.


This went on for the rest day. You can view an album of them arguing with their fans HERE.

Meanwhile, having been criticized by Facebook users for not keeping to their word of leaving the internet, the shop posted a status update 2 days ago to inform their followers that the only reason they are still online is because Facebook is forcing them to be.

When you request to have your page deleted by Facebook, they give you a two week waiting period to change your mind after which your page will be deleted. So if the page owners are to be believed, they should be leaving the internet by the end of the month.