Lena Dunham spent her weekend getting roasted to death


Remember Lena Dunham? The self-proclaimed feminist/ child molester whose previous stupid comments are surpassed in stupidity only by the next one she makes? Well she trended on Twitter the week for suggesting that women do not lie about rape. Ever. That’s right. No woman, anywhere, at any time, has ever lied about rape:

As is to be expected, the Internet wasn’t going to let this go.

I fucking Love this guy, he just kept tweeting them at her:

As if getting rekt wasn’t enough, Lena decided put the gun in her own mouth and pull the trigger. How is that even possible?

Just watch:

“Women never lie about rape.” – Lena Dunham.

“Only few women lie about rape” – Also Lena Dunham.

And just in case anyone is wondering, the 3% figure she mentioned is false (Or at least not correct). The F.B.I puts the actual figure around 8%, but even that figure is hugely contended; since those are just the cases that have been conclusively proven to be false. Lots of cases go unsolved, not to mention that some men who have been falsely accused of rape are jailed for their supposed guilt (Thereby inflating the percentage of actual rapes). In 2006, the percentage of false rape accusation in Canada was found to be 10%.

Oh, and Lena Dunham wasn’t done getting roasted. My favorite part: