Laci Green’s transformation into a Shitlord is causing a lot of Butthurt


Last week, we published an article suggesting that Laci Green was either transforming into a Shitlord, or trying to jump off the sinking Social Justice ship. Recent events have proven that we may have been onto something.

To the surprise and anger of her followers and Social Justice pals, Laci seems to be warming up towards people with different views from hers; something you wouldn’t usually expect from her or any other Social Justice warrior for that matter.

The straw that broke the camel’s neck, it seems, was a video she posted to her YouTube channel to confront allegations that she was becoming “red-pilled”.

Although she didn’t state explicitly in the video that she now opposed any of the views she previously held, she said she was now open to opposing views, and was looking to start public debates with other anti-feminist YouTubers.


Laci Green of all people defending free speech and criticizing thought policing.

Is this real life?

Enjoy the rest of the butthurt:

This is what happens when you go against the Social Justice hive-mind.


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