Laci Green called out for attacking anti-Feminist channel


Breaking news: Social Justice Warrior gets offended over something.

That’s not really breaking news, is it? That’s basically just another day on the Internet.

What did someone get offended by this time?

A picture Of them-self.

A few days ago, a Youtuber by name “Roaming Millennial” uploaded a video titled “HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!” | The Myth of Cultural Appropriation. I had never heard of Roaming Millennial before watching the video, but her YouTube’s “about me” section describes her as someone who hates vegans and loves the free market, so I immediately subscribed. In the video, she debunks several of the arguments made for “cultural appropriation”, stating that all people use something from different cultures and that getting offended isn’t really an argument.

Her statement:

“Long story short, I think what people need to keep in mind is that offence is taken, not given. Just because you might be offended by something, it doesn’t mean it’s inherently offensive to everyone. Segregating cultures will never lead to more unity in society, which is what we really need right now.”

The video:

But that’s not what Laci green got offended by. I mean, she probably got offended by the well reasoned arguments in the video, but there’s nothing she could have done about that, so she decided to report the video for copyright infringement instead. If you take a close look at the video above, you’ll realize that the thumbnail of the video above is a photoshopped image of Laci Green in a native headband(or whatever the hell they call it). Yes, she got offended over that.

It all begun when one of her fans watched the video, didn’t like it and decided to report it to Laci green:

roaming millenial butthurt

How did Laci response? The same way social Justice warriors respond to everything: Report it.

laci green reported her

This probably wouldn’t have made the news and Roaming Millennial could have been silently banned off YouTube, if it wasn’t for Philip DeFranco’s video:

In the video, Philip called her out for trying to bully a smaller channel and challenged her to pick on someone her own size(Him).

Her counter argument: Copyright.

Apparently, anyone who chooses to use a picture of Laci Green as a thumbnail needs to ask for her permission first. Ba Dum tss.

laci lawyer

This is a retarded line of argument of course and the fact that Laci Green actually believes that she has a case here only demonstrates how ignorant of copyright law she is.

As Defranco pointed out, Laci has used several people’s pictures in her own thumbnails(The same thing she is accusing someone of). I doubt she got expressed consent from Miley Cyrus, Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna, Amber Rose and Jenna Marbles to use their pictures.

laci uses people's pictures in her videos

Her response:

philip alt right

After spending a few days getting roasted on Twitter, she decided to upload a video in response. If you’re looking for an intelligent argument here, don’t bother watching it. All she does is play the victim.

With the video already having more dislikes than likes, people are calling her out in the comments sections. How long before these comments get deleted?

laci comments