Is Laci green becoming a Shitlord or just trying to jump off a sinking ship?


It feels really weird writing an article that speaks even remotely positively of Laci Green, God knows I have no love for the woman. In fact, last year, I named her the second most annoying Social Justice Warrior on the Internet – just one position below Anita Sarkeesian. For anyone who isn’t aware who she is, Laci is an ex-Mormon with daddy issues who vlogs on YouTube about “sex positivity”, Feminism, social Justice and the Patriarchy.

Like all Social Justice Warriors, she isn’t very fond of Free speech, tolerance for others with different views or common sense. She doesn’t debate or accept criticism, she’d much rather just block her opponents instead. A few years back, she got into an online brawl with another YouTuber, “The Amazing Atheist” (Also known as ‘banana in anus man’) after which banana in anus man apologized and asked for bygones to be bygones. She told him to go fuck himself. That’s the type of person she is, someone who has no room for opposing views or disagreement.

So imagine my surprise when I went on Twitter a few weeks ago and saw this very peculiar tweet. It was a tweet from Laci green, saying she has been watching Blaire White (A conservative/libertarian YouTuber)’s videos, and that she appreciate’s Blaire’s perspective, even though she doesn’t always agree with her. The two even got together to debate in a YouTube video. Is this real life?

This isn’t the last time Laci green would be seen with an openly anti-feminist Internet celeb, just this week, she appeared in a picture with another well known anti-sjw YouTuber, Chris Ray Gun:

Radical Feminists rejecting their dogma and becoming normal people isn’t something that hasn’t happened before, Heat Street’s Ian Miles Cheong comes to mind. Ian was a rabid feminist who hung out with Anita sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn and the rest of the Social Justice ilk until he had an epiphany of sorts and decided that he had had enough. He left the cult, parted ways with his SJW friends, and even helped expose some of them who had been involved in doxing and other forms of online harassment. He now writes for a prominent anti-feminist website.

Now, I’m not saying the same thing is going to happen to Laci green, its entirely possible that she’s just doing this for attention and views (Showing zoomed in pictures of your cleavage while talking about “sexual objectification” can only get you so many views). There’s also the possibility that she is now abandoning her deeply held believes not because she now disagrees with them, but because she can feel a shift in the socio-political pendulum coming, and she wants to position herself to change sides or start claiming some form of neutrality when shit starts to hit the fan. And then there’s the slight possibility that she is slowly returning reality. Only time will tell.

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