Journalist who accused Pewdiepie of anti-Semitism Tweeted a holocaust joke


Earlier this week, the Wall street journal published an article accusing YouTuber Pewdiepie (Real name Felix Kjellberg ) of “Anti-semitism” – An accusation that cost him two major sponsors of his show, Disney and YouTube. The Wall street journal’s article made reference to a video the YouTube star had uploaded where he paid two guys on Fiverr to hold up a “Kill all Jews” sign as a joke.

According to Ben Fritz, the Wall street journal writer who authored the article, joke or not, Pewdiepie’s video was in bad taste and had gone too far.

So, to give the author a taste of his own medicine, people begun going through his Twitter history to see if they would find anything interesting. They did. In a hilarious turn of events, Ben Fritz had Tweeted a holocaust joke a few years ago. Keep in mind that the Tweet in question was from as far back as 2009. Ben Fritz has Tweeted almost 20,000 tweets on his Twitter account. Which means that whoever discovered these tweets would have had to scroll through thousands of tweets for hours just to find it.

Never underestimate the power of weaponized autism.

In addition to the holocaust tweet, two other equally offensive tweets were discovered. In one of the Tweets, Ben said he had a “hard on” purely for Nazis. In another, he said he had just attended his fist chanukah party and that he had no idea Jews were to adept at flying. In the third tweet, Ben justified racist jokes about black people because they are “just funny”.

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If you have followed AgeOfShitlords for some time now, then you know that we have no problem with offensive jokes so long as they are just that; jokes. Our only stipulation with making offensive jokes is that you shouldn’t be a hypocrite and criticize others for making jokes that are just as offensive as yours.

I’ll defend Ben’s jokes. I won’t defend his hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, in a hilarious turn of events, Ben is now on the receiving end of the same type of lynch mob he started less than a week ago.





The tweets seems to be gaining attention as more and more people are becoming aware of them.

People are already calling on the Wall street journal to fire the writer.