Joss Whedon makes fun of cancer survivors for shaking hands with politician he disagrees with


Apparently, making fun of cancer survivors is now okay, so long as the cancer survivors were captured on camera meeting with a politician you dislike. Professional cuck and beta-lord supreme, Joss Whedon, saw a picture of some female cancer survivors shaking hands with Republican Ryan Paul, and decided that the only logical thing to do was to comment on how mediocre he thinks their looks are.

In a now deleted tweet, Joss ranked the girl’s looks as “not a 10”. “Tonight on White House Wife Hunt, Donny makes host P. Ryan give 2 more contestants the ‘Not a 10’ card,” wrote Whedon on Twitter, along with the picture of the meeting that shows two young girls with Ryan.


The Avengers director and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator quickly faced criticism for his tweet, causing him to delete it.

Following deletion of the tweet, he decided to issue a non-apology, explaining that the tweet had offended other people who weren’t his intended target.

Essentially, he doesn’t see anything wrong with the tweet, he just hates that it offended the wrong people.

For anyone else this would be a new low, but for Joss, its just a new middle.

“I’ll be quite for a bit”

Please be quite forever instead.



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