JonTron has gone full Shitlord


Jonathan Aryan “Jon” Safari, known online as “JonTron”, is a relatively famous YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers and close to 400 million views on his channel. JonTron post videos about movies, video games, Internet memes and general nerdy stuff.

For the most part of his time online, JonTron has remained fairly apolitical and non partisan; never stating his views on controversial topics or controversies. Not wanting to ostracize part of his fan-base, or maybe because he doesn’t want to deal with the type of Internet drama that comes with politics, JonTron often shies away from stating his views on topics that a large percentage of the population disagree on.

In fact, during the famous “Gamergate” controversy, JonTron maintained that he was “neutral” on the topic, and that while he cares about ethics in gaming journalism, he also does not support harassment or abuse of women.

This statement is consistent with JonTron’s attitude of non partisanship.

However, in the past few months, JonTron has slowly been evolving into a stern anti-feminist and politically incorrect activist.

It seems like Feminist rhetoric is so toxic that even the most non-partisan people are repulsed by it.

It begun sometime around November of last year, after Trump won the election and protesters took to the streets:

jontron-1 jontron-2 jontron-3

Of course he got called a racist/sexist/xenophobic bigot.

It seems like anyone with an opposing view belongs to the Ku Klux klan these days:


Since then, JonTron has continued to state his views on several other SJW related incidents.

Like that time when some idiot decided that Pepe the Frog is racist:


Or that time Twitter refused to include the races of criminals in an article’s headline:


He also isn’t a fan of badly argued points written on pads.

I imagine most sane people aren’t:


The final nail in the coffin for JonTron, it seems, was the women’s march against Washington.

The same march that invited a convicted torturer and murderer to give a speech:

Enjoy the rant (It was a good rant):


1 2 3 4 5 6


He followed this with some Shitposts:

1 2 3

JonTron’s anti-Feminist rhetoric hasn’t been without blow-back from Feminists.

Here’s a collection of a few of the negative responses he has received in the past few weeks alone:


He has been told to kill himself, that he should have been aborted and several other offensives things that would make Feminist riot if one of their own was on the receiving end of these Tweets.

How does JonTron react?

Zero fucks given: