Its time to boycott Valentines day for promoting sexism


Its that time of the year again, when men subject their significant others to sexist oppression and bigoted expectations. Valentines day is one of the most oppressive days of the year and the fact that so many people do not realize how oppressive it is, is quite problematic. The mere fact that the day exists is a stain on our society.

There are 365 days in a year, and only one day was singled out as the day to celebrate love. Why is that? No thought was put into how the other 364 days might feel about being left out. Why is it okay to discriminate against all the other days? They are just as beautiful as February 14th.

I would suggest that all the other days should also be named valentines day, but that would just spread the longstanding sexist tradition that the holiday promotes. Valentines day is one of the worst days in the year for women. At lease 30,000,000,000 (30 billion) women are raped every valentines day. I don’t have any evidence to prove this, but its true (I’m a Feminist, and Feminists never lie about statistics).

If you try to debunk my statistic by pointing out that there are less than 30 billion people on the planet, then you’re probably just a rapist who hates that his rapist ways are being called out. Even if you are right and my stats are wrong, statistics are racist anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

On Valentines day, the few men who aren’t rapists send gifts and gift cards to their girlfriends/wives. This is sexist. Are these men suggesting that women cannot buy gifts for themselves? Are they suggesting that women need to receive gifts from males to feel good about themselves? Even the men who don’t send gifts usually send messages and texts of good will. This is also sexist. Keep your sexist opinions to yourselves and leave women alone.

I therefore call on all women to boycott this misogynistic holiday.  If your significant other gives you a valentines day gift, burn it and bathe in the ashes. If they try to have sexual intercourse with you today, kill them. If they send you a valentines day card, throw it in their face. This is the only acceptable type of valentines day card: