Interview With Dream Machine: Most Savage Band Of 2017

    "Fight is in my blood and I am not taken aback by any liberals calling me a racist. They're like a sad baby cockroach infestation that are easy to take out with rational thought and reasoning."


    Austin-based psychedelic prog-rock band, Dream Machine, has been dropped by Castle Face Records over anti-feminist, pro-liberty views thay they expressed in an interview for French publication Still In Rock. Castle Face co-founder John Dwyer, who once praised the band saying they were “jammed with hooks and pulsing vintage vibes but in a clever and accomplished manner”, released a public statement condemning the band solely for the views they expressed in the interview, claiming the band’s statements were “ugly.”

    One of the topics from the interview, now making waves, was immigration policy. Doris Melton [organs & vocals] said: “ICE is just doing their job and I’m glad they’re finally starting to work on deporting criminal illegal aliens too. The United States is handing out free money to people who come here illegally, but when you want to work hard to become an American citizen to start a family they make it so hard on you, and expensive.” Doris is a Bosnian who settled in the Netherlands in the 90s and now legally lives the United States. On the topic of feminism Doris also criticized “horrible feminist bands that barely know how to play their instruments”, stating that “the safe space mentality has made them weak. You see the longing for a gender supremacy under the guise of ‘equal rights.’”

    As a fellow pro-free speech advocate & musician, who often worries about the stigma of having Libertarian & conservative views in the alternative music scene, I was curious to speak to them. I reached out to Doris and Matthew [guitars & vocals], the married couple that make up one-half of the band, and they graciously agreed to speak with me. So strap on your triggered trousers and let’s hear it straight from the mouths OF HUGE FREAKING BIGOTS.

    AoS: Austin is a very liberal city and I assume the music scene reflects that as well. Do you feel out of place in the music scene there or were your personal opinions not known to your peers until the Still In Rock interview? Have your views affected your working relationship or friendships with other bands?

    DM: Good question. We were never liked by most of the ”scenesters” in Austin and always felt out of place here. We always felt like outsiders. There are some good people in Austin that have our backs, but they can’t speak out because they’re afraid of being scrutinized. The ”scenesters” however, always talked shit behind our backs anyways, this was just an opportunity for them to come out about how much they already disliked us. They never liked that we were a heterosexual married couple. Being heterosexual, married and white is like blasphemy in this town. You have to sleep with at least 50 people every week, have blue dyed braided armpit hair, smell like garbage and be at least 80 pounds overweight.

    AoS: I liked Matthew’s comment about “whatever happened to being punk”- in terms of thinking for yourself. It seems that if you no longer fit the correct “groupthink” you are shunned in certain music scenes. People are so quick to outraged over people who don’t hold similar views as them. Have you noticed that with the fans of the Austin music scene?

    DM: Definitely. We didn’t mean it in a ”I’m so punk look at me” way. We referred to being the original idea of punk as not giving a shit about what people think and rebelling against the mainstream school of thought. 80% of the Austin music scene claims to be “rock n roll” or “punk” in a fashion sense but they really aren’t. They follow literally everything everybody else does.

    AoS: Doris, you are a Bosnian immigrant,. What made you move to the United States? As someone who legally immigrated do you feel illegal immigration undermines those who have done it the legal way?

    DM: I came here 4 years ago from the Netherlands. I’m originally from Bosnia and in order to escape the civil war in the 90’s my parents and I took refuge in the Netherlands, to a small town by Rotterdam called Oud Beijerland. I’m to this day very grateful to the Netherlands for taking us in as well as all the great Dutch and Slavic people who stand behind us on all this craziness. The reason I came to the US was to be with Matthew. We got married and when I left I never went back. There is a lot of interesting truths that need to be revealed about Eastern, Central and Slavic Europe in general. Fight is in my blood and I am not taken aback by any liberals calling me a racist. They’re like a sad baby cockroach infestation that are easy to take out with rational thought and reasoning.

    I definitely feel illegal immigration undermines the legal immigration process because they make the legal process harder and more strict in order to avoid illegal immigration – making it extremely difficult on immigrants who want to come here legally. People have definitely misunderstood my argument, because I feel people have lost the ability to think rationally for themselves and themselves alone. I literally said that I want criminals deported. Who wouldn’t want criminals deported? Who wakes up in the morning and goes ”Ah, I sure wish there were more criminals here today.”

    AoS: I know when certain bands get dropped or demonetized by their label that sometimes the band recommends not buying the album from the label but rather through the band directly. I understand the label is using profits from the album to give to charity, so I’m assuming you as a band are not seeing money from album sales. Is there anything people can do to directly support the band? Such as purchase from a certain vendor, such as Bandcamp, for example?

    DM: This is true, Castle Face isn’t giving a single cent to us and they never even let us make a single statement before dropping us, saying they were ”horrified” by this ”terrible situation”. Being horrified about something like that doesn’t make any sense. What if world war three breaks out? What is somebody starts shooting a machine gun at your house in the middle of the night? That’s when you should be slightly horrified. Being horrified doesn’t do any good, by the way. Being afraid is for weaklings and we don’t stand for that. We have thousands of people saying they want to beat us up and we couldn’t care less. What are they gonna beat us up with? By throwing La Croix cans at us? If world war three broke out all liberals would just die of a heart attack from fear and half of the country would be ready and protected with firearms. [The band then included their online profiles/website, which I will link at the bottom]

    AoS: Do the recent events make you feel you are going to be silent on these issues going forward or that you are going to remain strong in your convictions? Any advice for other musicians who hold similar views but may feel shunned for expressing them?

    DM: We will be going full steam ahead with our band and views and we will definitely not back down. The fact that there’s an outrage in and of itself means that there ARE problems that need to be addressed and we are glad to have been the martyrs to create a debate. My advice for other musicians is, stay locked in to what you believe in. Apologizing only makes things worse and lets the thought police win. If you want to prove a point, prove it and realize that giving in to the groupthink mentality is the weakest move you could possibly make.

    AoS: What does the future hold for Dream Machine?

    Our debut album, The Illusion, is a social commentary on the illusion that social media creates for people to exist in a thought confining false reality. We are currently working on our next album which we are really excited about! Currently in the recording process, and have a tour planned for Europe in Nov/Dec of 2017.

    All the insanity surrounding us getting dropped from the record label has been interesting. It definitely created a much needed debate to explore about what is considered acceptable speech in 2017. It’s funny to see the irony of the alt-left extremists as they preach tolerance and acceptance while quickly shutting out the opportunity for discussion of differing opinions.

    For all the truth seeking people that are behind us on this, thank you for all your support! You guys are great! We appreciate you standing up for us and being on the battlefield of ideas with us on this. I think there is hope for all of us and we can turn this thing around. Isn’t it just the best feeling when you tell an extremist liberal you don’t agree with them and they are completely stunned by what you believe in? We aren’t calling for a counter-extremism, but to remain truth centered with yourself.

    And there you have it folks. A public statement from the band who told me that Facebook is a “censorship hellhole” and that Feminists aren’t happy so they “post naked pictures of themselves online and take pride in eating junk food.” Glorious.

    If you are interested in checking them out & want to support them check out their website, their online store, or Bandcamp

    AoS: I have been reading up lately on the “unnatural” tuning to 440 hertz. I see reoccurring themes of 432 hertz tuning in your music. Any particular importance or reason for that?

    DM: We discovered it from Prince actually, who used the tuning up until his untimely passing. We tried it out for ourselves and it just sounded and felt better to us and also seemed easier to sing to. From there we did a full research project into it and even recently made a video explaining the controversial history behind it and explaining our decision to adopt it as our tuning.


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