The Internet’s largest Social Justice forum just went up in flames over sexual harassment allegations


NeoGaf is without a doubt one of the Internet’s largest hubs of social Justice autism on the Internet. The forum, which was originally created to be a video-gaming discussion board has slowly devolved into a Feminist hive-mind of sorts over the years, behaving in ways we have come to expect from the regressive left.

Criticizing Feminism, Black Lives Matter or anti-fa will earn you an instant ban on Neogaf. Merely identifying as conservative, libertarian or anti-feminist will also get you banned. Questioning the validity of a rape allegation will earn you an instant ban. In fact, every time you express a viewpoint that deviates from the narrative, you can be damn sure that that Neogaf ban hammer is coming.

Neogaf is essentially Tumblr for gamers.

Which is why it is fitting, perhaps, that the forum’s downfall would be caused by the owner being accused of sexual harassment (Yes, another male Feminist harassed a woman. Shocker!). Tyler Malka “Evilore”, the owner of Neogaf was recently accused of sexual harassment by a close friend of his in a Facebook post, causing the forum members to go up in arms demanding answers.

In typical Social Justice fashion, Evilore decided to deal with the allegations by deleting all threads on the forum making references to the Facebook post and shutting down all conversations about it. The resulting blow-back resulted in the forum’s moderators deleting their accounts en masse and leaving the forum in protest. The forum went offline later that day.

The harassment accusation:

The woman who made the accusation was almost immediately banned from the Neogaf forums, presumably by the accused, and her Facebook post disappeared a while later. However, screenshots of the post were already making the rounds on social media and the Neogaf community was up in uproar. The site eventually went on lockdown and moderators begun jumping the sinking ship:

Another moderator got banned:

And then 3 more moderators stepped down shortly after:

Eventually, every single moderator left the site to the extent that users who wanted to be banned couldn’t have their requests granted, because there were no moderators left to ban them: went offline on October 21st, and has stayed that way since.

Neogaf is still down at the time this article was published (and will hopefully stay that way forever):