Internet trolls are now giving ‘The Emoji movie’ 10/10 reviews sarcastically


The Emoji movie has made history, having been rated as literally the worst movie produced this year, and one of the worst of all time; earning it a place in the ranks of Troll 2, The Room and Birdemic: Shock and terror. The movie has been out less than a week now and it already has a 1.5/10 average rating on the Internet Movie database (IMDB), and a 3% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Motivated by a satirical review that a YouTuber gave the movie, some Internet trolls have decided that the best use of their time is to give the movie overly-positive reviews.

YouTuber Jacksfilm, one of the most prominent online movie reviewers on YouTube, uploaded a satirical review of the emoji movie where he gave the movie a 100/10 emoji rating, calling it “The Best film ever made”. In the review, he praised the the movie for having overused jokes that ‘never got old’, and hailed the movie for being a corporate shill film that basically just promotes app store apps. His only qualms with the movie is that there were only 5 poop jokes (There should have been more), and that the two main characters do not fuck:

In similar fashion, several Internet users have descended on the movie’s IMDB page, giving it 10/10 reviews and writing overly positive comments about it, presumably, to get people to go watch it. The 10/10 reviews don’t seem to have affected the movie’s overall ratings so far, however, the comment reviews are now being voted to the top and can be seen by anyone looking to read reviews of the movie.

Some users described the movie as a “work of art” and a “masterpiece of pure genius” much better than the likes of The Shawshank redemption and The Godfather, that were previously thought to be some of the best movies ever produced:

It goes on and on. Very soon, these reviews will dominate the entire page.

Just imagine how many people are going to waste their money on this movie based on these reviews.