The Internet reacts to YouTube’s new rules


Ever since we broke the news about YouTube’s new rules that would essentially punish content creators who cuss or use “offensive” words, discuss controversial topics, or make jokes that offend people, a lot has happened, and it was only in place that we update you guys.

Several more YouTubers have come forward to show proof of YouTube demonetizing their videos for Mundane reasons.

Videos teaching people how to get rid of acne were demonetized:

acne tube rekt

Videos that were trying to save lives by preventing suicide were demonetized:

tube reacts to suicide prevention videos

Videos criticizing nuclear energy were demonetized:

nuclear energy bad


Several YouTubers have made videos complaining about the new absurd terms of service, including Philip DefrancoCaptainSparklez, FlashGitz, Cow Chop, The Amazing Atheist, I Hate everything, Hehe Productions, Chris Ray Gun, and many many more.

The Hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty was trending in the US and worldwide, for the whole of today:

tube everywhere

tube 1

tube 2 tube 3 tube 4 tube 5 tube 6 tube 7 tube 8 tube 9 tube 10 tube 11 tube 12 tube 13 tube 14 tube 15