The Internet may have fucked up this communist cadet’s life


A west Point graduate posted pictures online this week that went viral for all the wrong reasons….. promoting communism. Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone, the man behind the controversy, is an infantry officer and a member of Democratic Socialists of America. Spencer decided to show support toward Colin Kaepernick on Twitter, by uploading a picture revealing the words “Communism will win” inscribed on the inside of his officers’ cap:

And if there was any doubt that he wasn’t an actual communist, Spencer posted another picture revealing that he was wearing a Che Guevera shirt under his cadet uniform, with the caption “hasta la victoria siempre” (Famous words of Che that translate to “Until victory, always!”):

Now we all know how West Point (a preparatory school for the United States Military Academy) and the US army as a whole feel about communist apologists in their ranks… so the Internet decided to contact Spencer’s superiors to see how they felt about his actions. The Us Army academy gave the following response:

The U.S. Military Academy strives to develop leaders who internalize the academy’s motto of Duty, Honor, Country, and who live the Army values. Second Lieutenant Rapone’s actions in no way reflect the values of the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Army.
As figures of public trust, members of the military must exhibit exemplary conduct, and are prohibited from engaging in certain expressions of political speech in uniform. Second Lieutenant Rapone’s chain of command is aware of his actions and is looking into the matter.
The academy is prepared to assist the officer’s chain of command as required.

Not satisfied with the army’s “standard” response, Internet autists decided to take matters into their own hands and contact his superiors directly. This morning, Spencer’s command confirmed via phone that ‘Spenser is under investigation and that his command does not support communism on social media’.

One 4chan user explained the implications of this:

When a military command says that a certain individual is under investigation, this means that certain service member will be placed on a restriction within the barracks and will most likely be barred from using Social media, and possibly going out in town to enjoy his leisure time}
What will happen if convicted?
-Possible Treason Charge
-Possible Brig/Prison sentence for lying under oath/treason
-Barracks watch 24/7
-Suicide Watch
-Forced closure of all Social Media Accounts
-Forced to pay back 400,000 dollars to the US government, because the Govt. paid for his education to serve his term as an officer
-Forfeiture of pay and allowances

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