Infiltrating “Mommy Wars” Facebook group


There’s a closed group on Facebook called “Mommy wars”, a group that currently has over 23,000 members. The group was created for the wives of Military men to give each other advice, to interact with each other and to offer support where it is needed.

The Group’s description reads:

“We 99.99999% just don’t give a fuck.

This isn’t the place for your sanctimonious opinions. We have a group for that. Please join Sanctimommy Wars for your parenting debates.

Using the replies anywhere other than “shit for sale” post can and will get you removed from the group. Don’t do it.”

The description also contains a disclaimer:

****Any personal photos posted in Mommy Wars or any of our sister/brother groups becomes the property of Mommy Wars and all of our groups to do with as we wish. Up to and including selling them to the crack head down the street. You acknowledge by being in here that whatever you post, you are gifting to us. Tonya and I love love love your generosity and will treasure every gift you give us. So will every admin in every group Tonya and I own. Thank you so much for your kindness. We here at Mommy Wars strive hard to provide you with a family friendly safe environment full of concern and understanding. Please feel free to contact Tonya, myself or one of our lovely admins if you ever feel like you’re not safe or like you’re in danger. Mommy Wars signed an anti bully campaign and we encourage others to do the same. Thank you.”

Ironically, this same disclaimer gives us the right to use the pictures posted in that group without permission. Also this is Facebook and any content posted on it can be used under fair use policy. Also I’m an asshole, so I was going to post it anyway……

The story begins with a stay at home mom coming to the group for advice. Her husband is away on Military duty, and she wants to know whether its a good idea to cheat or not.

Just for reference;

SAHM= Stay at home mom

JODY= A man who sleeps with a woman whiles her husband is away on Military duty.

HOAR= Another way of saying “whore”

And now the fun begins:


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And now based Austin comes to the group. He made a list of all the names in the group and took screenshots of their comments. These women deserve everything that’s coming to them:


Not all heroes wear capes.


Update: This article has been posted in the “Mommy wars” Facebook group and they’re all brigading the comment section right now. Read the Facebook comments below posted in the last hour to know what I’m talking about.

Second Update: The group has been removed by Facebook for harassment.

mommy wars removed for harassment