I infiltrated an otherkin group on Facebook


Several months ago, in January, someone on my friend list posted a link to an otherkin Facebook group that he had discovered. The post was a call to arms for people to join the group en mass and start trolling. Within minutes, the group which had just a little over 200 members at the time, quickly rose to well over 1,000 members. The group was spammed with hundreds of satirical and troll posts in a period of just 2 days, with people claiming to be “Hitlerkin”, “Stalinkin” and several other made up otherkin-type identities. The I identify as an attack helicopter copy-pasta was posted in there at least once every 5 minutes.

When I first saw the post asking people to join the group on my news-feed, I joined, obviously. However, unlike everyone  else, I wasn’t there to troll, I was there only to observe. One of the reasons for this was that, I feared that the huge influx of troll posts in the group might alert them to our raid, and get us banned before we had time to have any fun. I was right. After two days of raiding, the group changed its description:

“UPDATE 1/30/16: Due to a high volume of trolls lately, this group will not be accepting any new members until further notice. Please be aware that accounts under a month old will not be accepted unless you contact the admin [name redacted] directly and get permission from her. This is to keep trolls out of the group.

This group is meant to be a positive, supportive, educational environment.
Bullying will not be tolerated.
Trolling will not be tolerated”

And then the ban wave begun. They begun to ban everyone suspected of trolling. They were so paranoid that they even banned legitimate otherkin, whose identity sounded a little too “weird”. The number of members in the group quickly came down to about 180(They banned thousands of members within a period of 3 hours)

Attack helicopters were banned:

troll 1

Someone claiming to be “Cowkin” was banned. The funny thing about this one is that, several group members thought she was one of them and proceeded to ask her about her identity, until someone discovered that she was trolling:

troll cowkin

This person who identified as “Panda bear kin” wasn’t even banned, the group members thought he/she was one of them. He removed himself from the group voluntarily, because he couldn’t handle the autism anymore:

eli 1 eli 2 eli 3


I have several more of these, but I don’t want this article to be longer than it needs to be.

Perhaps the reason these troll posts weren’t easily discovered, is because they don’t sound that absurd, compared to the non-troll posts in the group.

The group’s description reads:

“This is a safe and healthy environment for intellectual discussion of nonhuman identities! This group welcomes not only otherkin and therians but also fictionkin, fictionhearts, otherhearts, vampires, witches, and people with spirit guides and totems. Any kintype will be accepted as long as you can provide reasoning for that kintype that matches the definition of a nonhuman identity!”.

I laughed at “Intellectual discussion”.

If you have spent any time around otherkin folk, then you know that they are one of the most stupid communities online. Scrolling through this group for more than an hour will drive you insane. I assure you, none of the following posts are satire. Every time a post like this appears, members of the group either offer support or advice, depending on the contents of the post:

real 1


real 2


real 3


real 4


real 5


real 6 real 7

These aren’t even the most ridiculous posts in the group, these are just the first ones I came across(I couldn’t be bothered to dig deeper).

I’ll probably be leaving the group soon to preserve my sanity, or I’ll stick around for Facebook to remove the post block restriction currently on my account, so I can post this article in the group to see how they react. – Of course, once I post it, they’ll know who I am and ban me, but at least keks will be had.