I infiltrated a Feminist Witchcraft group

The Rabbit hole always goes deeper


After Finding my way into Mommy wars and then an Otherkin group, infiltrating a Feminist witchcraft group seemed like the only logical progression.

The idea of a group of Feminists who identify as witches may sound absurd, but I assure you, they are very much serious. Before we start of, let me read the group’s description for you:

“We are a collective of queer witches diverse in age, nationality, gender, race, class, ability & more. To strive for a better community for everyone we must acknowledge how privileges and oppression intersect across these labels.

We are committing to forming an anti-oppressive/ethical space. As such, we actively combat forms of oppression – including, but not limited to, racism, ableism, sexism, cissexism, classism, colourism, casteism, etc.”

The group, which describes itself as “A safe space for witches who identify as trans/queer”, was founded by Dakota Bracciale:

dakota bracciale

I’ve been following the shenanigans of Dakota for some time now and I have neither the time nor patience to go into details right now. She’s a queer, non-binary, witch, make-up artist living in Brooklyn. According to a GoFundme page she created just a few days ago, she specializes in offering advice, education and spellwork consultations.

Spellwork Consultation.

People pay her money so she can feed them bullshit..

Just so you have a fair idea of how insane she is, watch this video, which she directs at her “Fellow white people”:

Or if you’re really really bored and want an abundance of cringe videos to choose from, just check out any of the videos on her YouTube channel. If you’re pro life, watching her videos would convince you that abortions really need to be legalized.

Now lets get back to the group:

The official rules that the group requires its members to follow are so long that I had to take seven separate screenshots just to capture them all:

PART 1     PART 2     PART 3     PART 4     PART 5     PART 6     PART 7

Just last week, a member of the group, Ender Darling, was arrested and charged by law enforcement, after they found a dozen bones and four teeth in her possession. She had robbed a grave in Holt Cemetery(A cemetery in New Orleans), and collected the skeletons to use in the creation of spells. She will be appearing in court later this month to answer to the charges:

ender darling
Ender’s mugshot taken by the New Orleans Police department

Ender’s arrest caused so much bad blood in the group, with some of the members agreeing with what she did and others saying she went too far. In the aftermath of the conflict, Dakota, who created the group, was kicked out, and new mods were put in her place.

The new head admin isn’t any saner:


Like Dakota and Ender, most members of the group identify as Pagans, witches, queers and several other identities that I don’t even know existed. They hate the patriarchy, white privilege, male privilege, rape culture and every other crazy theory Social Justice warriors are known for.

Its basically your average Feminist group, only worse, because they think they can perform magic.

Time to go deeper down the rabbit hole:

She’s having her nipples removed and she needs info on deities without nipples:


He’s under a spell and needs help:


She wants a spell that can help her perform mind control?


Selling water from the recent Hurricane:


He needs advice about herbs?


She fears that she may be in danger from an alleged ex, and she needs protection spells:


She’s sick and figures that her best course of action is to ask for “Healing energy”:


He’s moving to a new space and needs “cleansing rituals”:


Taking a spiritual bath after being Triggered:


She loves men but doesn’t want to, so she needs a spell that turns her into a lesbian:


NO WHITE PEOPLE: Very tolerant


These last two screenshots were taken last year, after some 4chan-ers found the group and raided it:

trigger 1 1 trigger 2